Explore the world of Crypto betting and sports

Ernest Sunday

Crypto has gained traction in the world of sports betting; 1xbit offers such a platform. Read on the benefits of betting with Crypto and what 1xbit stands to offer.

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Entertainment is often considered as a way to ease stress and have some fun. However, betting is not only a way to have fun but also increase your earnings.

It is perhaps the reason why betting is generally considered a champion in the entertainment space. After all, who doesn't want to make some money?

More so, access to betting has become more democratised, with numerous platforms offering online betting, allowing users to play from the comfort of their homes.

This is interesting as it is. But imagine the possibilities that could happen in a world that integrates crypto with betting. Well, you don't have to imagine, it's already happening.

Advantages of Crypto betting

Numerous things can be achieved when crypto fuses with betting. Following an assessment of different platforms that offer services of this nature, certain advantages have been highlighted as the benefits of crypto betting.

Transactions are swift

One of the perks of using cryptocurrencies as payment methods is that transactions can be completed swiftly.

When using cryptos, you can process withdrawals within minutes and have your funds available to you. This is a notable perk in the betting space, as it allows you to move fast and stake on games quickly to book a spot.

Security and privacy

Crypto gambling platforms leverage blockchain technology to ensure adequate privacy. Most of these platforms do not have KYC steps, meaning users can play without lifting their anonymity veil. This is interesting because gamblers often want to stay anonymous.

Additionally, these platforms are super protected, meaning users' funds enjoy adequate security. For instance, a platform such as 1xBit uses SSL encryption for added security.


As a smart gambler, you want to bet in the most cost-effective manner such that you don't lose most of your earnings to transaction fees.

Using cryptocurrency solves this problem. For instance, tokens such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are built on great technologies that make them low-cost and eliminate all forms of backlogs.

Popular payment method

Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the world. Practically everyone knows about one token or the other.

Additionally, numerous cryptocurrency projects keep getting launched. It means that more and more payment methods continue to emerge.

As of the time of writing, there are thousands of cryptocurrency tokens that serve as payment methods.

Wide range of opportunities

There are different categories in which you can utilise your crypto tokens because the betting market has grown in size over the years. As such, you can choose to stake on casinos, sports, live games, and even dice games.

All these games have been improved over the years and have a lot to offer players. The above is why numerous betting platforms continue to integrate different games' ad build infrastructure to support them.

For maximum enjoyment of these games, you might want to consider a leading crypto sportsbook. Here, 1xBit fits the bill perfectly.

1xbit offers a robust platform to bet with cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Crypto betting with 1xBit

1xBit is the leading crypto sportsbook known for its outstanding services. Thousands of users attest to the platform's credibility and the ease of use with choosing the sportsbook.

From assessment, 1xBit does have an excellent user interface that makes it super convenient to navigate your way without getting confused about the functionalities.

To put it more precisely, here are some of the benefits you get when you choose to play using the platform:

Enter the world of sports betting with huge bonuses

1xBit seeks to provide players with an unmatched gaming experience. One of the steps taken in this regard is to give bonuses you can't access elsewhere.

Following your registration and first four deposits, you become eligible to win up to 7 BTC as a welcome bonus.

Notably, the minimum deposit players even have to make is 1 mBTC, making access wide enough to cater for many people.

Bet without lifting the anonymity veil

More than ever, people are more careful about revealing their full personal details online. It is pretty understandable given the rate at which the world is going digital. Additionally, gamblers love to keep their details to themselves.

The good news here is that 1xBit doesn't require any such details. You have no reason to share your name, location, and so on. Once you initiate the registration process, the platform will automatically create your login details.

Choose among a long list of Crypto tokens

Access is democratised when a crypto sportsbook supports a wide range of tokens as investors of all shapes and sizes can use the platform.

1xBit offers support for more than 35 cryptocurrencies, meaning you can choose anyone you find suitable for staking your bets.

Thrilling gameplay

1xBit seeks to provide realistic gameplay to its users. There are live dealers present to make the experience feel more wholesome.

Additionally, the game is entirely online, meaning players can join from anywhere. You can stake your bets without leaving your home. You can also watch your games live, allowing you to follow through carefully.

Swift transactions and low-cost services

Transactions on 1xBit are completed within a few minutes, and payouts are processed instantly. It means you don't have to face an unnecessary delay when you intend to cash out your profit.

It might also interest you to know that the platform charges no transaction fee. With 1xBit, you gain access to fast-paced gameplay and swift transactions that make your experience more fulfilling.

Supports VIP cashback

A credible and user-oriented sportsbook will do everything to retain users and make the gambling experience thrilling.

In this regard, 1xBit offers VIP Cashback of up to 11% to compensate for the net losses incurred by genuine game players. The above makes the gambling process more fun and provides players with a resort.

Access to over 100 game providers

With access to more than 100 game providers and over 200 live dealers, 1xBit is one of the largest sportsbooks around. The platform is always bubbling with activities.

Users have access to over 5000 slots, and you can utilise 4 simultaneously. With numerous options, boredom doesn't have a place on 1xBit.