How Graduates and Undergraduates can apply for CBN TIES loan

Franklin Izuchukwu

The Central Bank of Nigeria has rolled out the TIES loan and grants to boost the entrepreneurial sector; here is how undergraduates and graduates can apply and access the TIES initiative.

The application homepage for the CBN TIES term loan.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has launched the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) for graduates and undergraduates of polytechnics and universities.

The CBN partnered with tertiary institutions to provide more credit access for Nigerian graduates through TIES.

The apex bank hopes that the TIES loan will reduce unemployment by encouraging entrepreneurial development in successful applicants.

In a bid to transform the economy into an entrepreneurial ecosystem, the CBN rolled out training, re-orientation and financing to give graduates more drive to indulge in self-employment rather than waiting for white-collar jobs.

Focal components of TIES

The CBN's TIES loan is available to a wide range of Nigerian demographics. There are three known components of TIES, with each serving a unique populace and purpose.

The 3 components of TIES are listed below:

  1. Term loans

    The term loans can be accessed as loans to businesses owned by graduates of Nigerian universities and Polytechnics.

    Under this TIES loan, sole proprietorship businesses can access up to 5 million Naira with a 5% interest rate and one-year moratorium.

    Other business enterprises can also access up to 25 million Naira with the same conditions.

  2. Developmental component - For TIES undergraduate application

    The development component will be a grant to undergraduates expected to apply through Nigerian polytechnics and universities in a biennial national competition.

    The biennial regional and national competition will involve eligible TIES applicants (undergraduates) to submit innovative ideas to a Body of Experts (BoE) - chosen by the Central bank of Nigeria.

    The process stipulates that the applicants would engage in a competitive session by pitching their ideas to the BoE.

    Following a review by the BoE, applicants will progress to the national phase based on their ranking.

    The programs will be televised on major networks and national TVs. The top 5 finalists (schools) recommended by the board will be eligible for fund disbursements in a 55:45 ratio tranche.

    Please note that the CBN is yet to launch this programme.

  3. Equity Investment Component

    The equity Investment Component targets ailing businesses, established enterprises, and start-ups. Eligible companies will receive new capital for expanding or reviving their businesses.

Requirements and eligibility for Graduates' TIES application

The CBN TIES term loan aims to provide affordable credit loans to graduates with bankable ideas that can drive the private sector.

The documents and requirements there are required for application into the graduates' TIES loan are certified true copies of (for corporate partnerships; each member is expected to possess the following documents):

  1. First-degree certificate
  2. National Youth Service Certificate discharge or exemption certificate (not more than 7 years post-NYSC)
  3. Certificate of Participation (from polytechnics and universities) in entrepreneurship training
  4. Projected Statement of Income, Statement of Affairs, and cash flow projections for start-ups and businesses with less than 3 years of operations
  5. A business plan (the business plan must give a detailed analysis of the financial and economic benefits of the project)
  6. Bank verification number
  7. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) documents.

CBN stipulates that the TIES graduates' application requires collateral as a form of eligibility. The collateral required for application are:

  1. First-degree certificate
  2. NYSC discharge or exemption certificate
  3. Duly signed Global Standing Instruction (GIS) by the applicant
  4. Third-party guarantee from; the form can be obtained from senior civil or public servant, clergy of repute, lawyer, accountant, banker, medical doctor, etc.

Please Note:

Items 1-3 will be registered on the National Collateral Registry (NCR), while applicants shall upload items 1-4 in the TIES application portal.

How graduates can apply for TIES term loan

The application for the CBN's TIES term loan is a simple process. The application is an online procedure that can be initiated by accessing the dedicated portal.

The Central bank of Nigeria launched a web portal to receive applications from eligible Nigerian graduates who wish to access the TIES term loan.

Recall that the TIES term loan is available to individuals or groups who have registered their company with CAC.

Nigerian graduates can apply for the TIES term loan by following the process below:

  1. Launch your web browser
  2. Open the CBN TIES application portal
  3. Click on the Apply Now button to begin the TIES application process
  4. Read all the requirements and updated information
  5. Click on the Proceed button
  6. Choose the suitable loan type
  7. Input NYSC and other personal details, then click on the Submit button.
  8. Allow the page to reload
  9. Click on Login to access the dashboard.

Enter the TIES application portal and click on the 'Apply Now' button.

Deadline for CBN TIES term loan

The apex bank formulated the TIES initiative to enhance economic growth and entrepreneurship; it believes the TIES scheme is a long term goal that may not bring results in a short time. Thus it needs a protracted timeline.

Be warned:

No application fee is required for processing the TIES loan. Interested applicants should also be mindful of fraudsters parading as CBN agents; all applications are processed online via the official website:

According to CBN's guidelines, the TIES programme will be active for a minimum period of 20 years. The deadline for the CBN ties term loan is 31st December 2031.