Meet Celeste Beatty, the first Black woman to own a brewery in US

By Emeh Joy

Celeste Beatty is the first African-American woman to own a brewery, Harlem Brewing Company in the United States, according to Bussiness Insider.

Harlem beer brewed by Celeste Beatty is not just your regular beer. Beatty aims to capture the legacy of Harlem as well as African flavours in her brand.

Harlem is a large neighbourhood located in the northern section of the New York City borough of Manhattan and is known as the Black Mecca of the world.

This neighbourhood has been known to be home to people from different races and ethnic groups including but not limited to German, Dutch, Irish, Jewish and Italian.

With the Harlem Brewing Company, Beatty wishes to celebrate the vibrant energy that comes with being part of the Harlem locality.

The beer named 125 IPA, is after Harlem's famous street, "125th street". The drink is also tagged, "neighbourhood original".

Beatty brings along to the industry, innovative ideas, thus bringing a shift as a Black brewer who is proud of her heritage.

Watch the video as obtained from Business Insider, as Celeste Beatty shares her story and the processes involved in making the unique Harlem beer.

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