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Top 4 GG Lotto Nigeria games to play and win

By Clacified

GG Lotto Nigeria offers players a platform for winning money and other potential prizes. There are many available packages in the GG Lotto Nigeria games; here is a list of the top 4 GG Lotto Nigeria games to play and win.

Brand image of Lotto Nigeria.

There are so many lottery companies in Nigeria. A few of them are GG Lotto Nigeria, Baba Ijebu Lotto (Premier Lotto), etc.

Lotto players can quickly figure out the best lotto game in Nigeria by checking out the prizes and rewards offered by each company.

GG Lotto Nigeria ranks among the best lotto companies in Nigeria because of their rewards and prizes, odds, etc. GG Lotto Nigeria offers players loads of new and exceptional packages.

How the GG Lotto Nigeria game works

The GG Lotto Nigeria games deviate from traditional betting like football, car, horse race, etc. Most conventional betting requires players to have in-depth knowledge of the sports in question.

For instance, to place a sports bet on any club, the chances of winning reduce when players do not know the club's current status to predict their next performance.

On the other hand, GG Lotto Nigeria offers inclusivity to potential players who may not know much about sports tactics and has no love for football.

Any Nigerian up to the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the Lotto Nigerian games. The GG lotto Nigeria games allows players to win up to N1 000 000 in a single match with N100.

The GG Lotto Nigeria games are played by allowing participants to pick random numbers then wait and watch out for the draws.

On the day or time of the draw, GG Lotto Nigeria will display the successful numbers. A win is declared if some or all of the player's numbers were part of the chosen numbers.

There are many packages available in the GG Lotto Nigeria games, as seen below:

1. GG World Million

This GG Lotto Nigeria game offers players a minimum guaranteed jackpot of $1,000,000, equivalent to N412,000,000.

The GG world million packages is performed twice a week on Tuesday and Friday with a ticket price of N200. The odds of winning the jackpot 1 in 140,000,000.

There are 13 tiers of different prizes, making it a beautiful game to generate a lot of small prize winners.

2. GG World Keno

This is a high-frequency game with a maximum jackpot of N100,000,000. GG world Keno is best suited for players looking for a quick withdrawal and fast results.

The draws are performed every 4 minutes, making it a very engaging game run 360 times every day. Ten tiers of prizes generate a lot of small prize winners that attract loyal players.

The fun part is you can play the GG world keno with as low as N100.

3. GG World Pick 3, Pick 4

This GG Lotto Nigeria game or package offers higher odds of winning attractive prizes. Users are required to select at least three numbers or four numbers then input the stake amount.

Players can win about N50,000 in one round of this lotto game.

4. GG World Raffle

The GG world raffle has been tagged the fairest game among the packages where every draw generates 1st prize winner, which can be anything from N1,000,000 (monthly for now), smartphones, TVs, houses, scooters and cars.

There is a plan to run this project with local TV stations and produce the greatest TV shows in Nigerian history.

The least amount required to participate in the GG Lotto Nigeria raffle is N100.

GG Lotto Nigeria is a game of numbers that seeks to offer a platform to everyone.

How to Play the Lotto Nigeria games

GG Lotto Nigeria offers users a simple platform with a high-quality user experience. GG Lotto Nigeria launched a mobile application that Players can access on the play store to provide more inclusivity.

The option of mobile applications will permit potential players to access and play the GG Lotto Nigeria games on the go with less hassle.

Potential players can also access the GG Lotto Nigeria games by visiting the official website. Players are advised to be careful and avoid dubious miscreants who claim they work for GG Lotto Nigeria.

The official website of GG Lotto Nigeria is

Users can play the GG Lotto Nigeria games by signing up or logging in to access the different game packages offered by the company.

Once the Signup or log action has been completed, Players can play the different packages of the GG Lotto Nigeria game following the processes below.

To play GG world Keno:

  1. Click on the GG world keno button
  2. Select the number of numbers on dropbox. Players can choose to participate in the draw with 1-10 numbers.
  3. Select a stake multiplier from dropbox. The available multipliers are from 1x up to 10x. The higher the stake, the bigger the win. The information about the potential prize is also displayed below the number boxes.
  4. Players can click on 'quick pick' for the random selection of numbers. Users can participate with one line (numbers) or fill in more lines to improve the winning chance.
  5. Choose the type of ticket. There are two ticket types; the Single access allows users to participate only in the next draw, while the Multi ticket will participate in a number as shown from dropbox.
  6. Click on the 'Buy ticket' button to register the ticket.
  7. 'My tickets' option is used to manage the available tickets.
  8. Draw results typically display within 4 minutes.

To play GG World Million:

  1. Select the GG World million package
  2. Pick five main and 2 GG numbers.
  3. Click on 'Add this ticket'.
  4. Another set of numbers can be picked from the new box displayed.
  5. If interested in buying only one line for the draw, please leave empty
  6. Choose the type of ticket
  7. Click on the 'Buy ticket' button
  8. A draw is done every Tuesday and Friday.

To Play GG World Pick 3 or 4:

  1. Click on the GG world pick three or the pick four package
  2. Click the 'Play now' button next to the package logo.
  3. Pick three numbers, one from each line or four numbers (for the GG world, pick 4)
  4. Players can find detailed information about the game by navigating to the 'Rules' tab.
  5. Select a multiplier of choice
  6. Choose the ticket type
  7. Click the 'Buy ticket' button
  8. Draw results are always live every 1-10minutes.

There are many packages on the GG Lotto Nigeria games.


There are many benefits associated with the GG Lotto Nigeria games like higher winning odds, potential and winning prizes. The GG lotto Nigeria games has an option for one the lowest amount of stake to enable more participants.

The available packages offer various play options and winning prizes - no strategy is required; the only requirement is to play and win with GG Lotto Nigeria.

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