80% containers arriving Nigeria return empty - Shippers council

The Executive Secretary NSC, Hassan Bello said out of 10 containers that import goods into Nigeria, only about 2 or 3 goes out with exports.
Emeh Joy

The Nigerian Shippers Council said on Thursday that out of every ten containers that come into Nigeria with imports only about two or three leave the country with exports.

The council in the bid to address this has agreed to partner with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council to drive export volume and halt the tradition of empty containers leaving the country.

The Executive Secretary, NSC, Hassan Bello speaking at an event attended by both agencies in Abuja said, "Out of 10 containers that came into Nigeria laden, only two or three are taken out with exports. We can do even more. We can do even 12".

Regarding what the council was doing to improve exportations from the country, Bello said the NSC had to cut its charges to the barest minimum.

Bello said the digitisation of the ports and the provision of multi-modal transportation access to the ports had commenced to further support in the drive to increase exports from Nigeria.

According to him, there is a great need to provide incentives to exporters. He added that Nigeria's port terminals were not export friendly as the cost of export is even higher in Nigeria when compared to the cost in other competing nations.

Olusegun Awolowo, the Executive Director, NEPC said his agency had discovered 22 export commodities that could be helpful in reversing the ugly trend of containers going back empty from Nigeria.

He said the NEPC would key into inland container deports across the country so as to drive exports starting with the Kaduna Dry Port.

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