CVS to stop locking up multicultural beauty products in display cabinets

Cross-sectional view of a branch of the CVS Health Corp, an integrated pharmacy healthcare provider
Emeh Joy

Drugstore chain CVS Health Corp (CVS.N) has announced just like Walmart Inc (WMT.N) that it will stop the practice of keeping beauty and personal care products for people of colour in locked display cases.

The decision came after many people criticized the practice online.

Following the nationwide protests against police brutality and racism triggered by the killing of George Floyd last month, different companies have issued statements in support of the black community with some going as far as issuing funds to help in the fight against racial inequality.

Both companies (Walmart and CVS) changed their policy after a Walmart customer complained that the practice of locking up items that are designed for the people of colour is discriminatory.

CVS in an email statement issued on Friday said, "We have a firm non-discrimination policy that applies to all aspects of our business and our product protection measures have never been based on the race or ethnicity of our customers".

The company also said it had expanded its selection of products in the textured hair and colour cosmetics categories by as much as 35% over the previous year to add new brands that appeal to communities of colour.

As reported by Associated Press, another firm, Walgreens Boot Alliance Inc (WBA.O) has taken a similar step as Walmart and CVS saying it would stop keeping its beauty and hair care products in locked cabinets.

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