Fuel price hike aimed to impoverish Nigerians - TUC

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Emeh Joy

The Trade Union Congress has condemned the Federal Government for the increase in fuel price and electricity tariff, adding that it is a plan to "further impoverish Nigerians".

In a statement which was signed by its President Quadri Olaleye and Secretary-General, Musa-Lawal Ozigi, the union expressed their surprise at the price hike despite the understanding reached at the last meeting between the Federal Government and the organised labour.

"The TUC is surprised that despite efforts made by the Organised Labour in the last meeting with the Federal Government on the hike in fuel price and electricity tariff, the latter has resolved to further impoverish Nigerians with the recent increase

"This is one increase, too many. Indeed, a violation of all understanding we have had with the government", the statement said.

TUC also stated that the government claims to have deregulated the downstream sector of the oil and gas sector, it then means the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation was still holding on to monopoly.

"If the government claims to have deregulated the downstream sector of the oil and gas sector (which of course is subsidy removal), it, therefore, means the independent oil marketers are importing petrol at their own cost.

"Information at our disposal, however, is that no independent market is importing fuel because they cannot access dollars. The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporations is still holding on to that monopoly", TUC said.

It further stated that to make matters worse, it was not even the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency but NNPC that instructed the new increase.

"What a regime of contradictions! NNPC has become a behemoth. 'The fault dear Brutus is not our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings'. It appears this fault must be conquered for us to be free.

"From all indications, the government has again reneged on an agreement reached with the organised labour a few weeks ago", the union said.

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