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EndSARS protesters invade home of Oba of Lagos

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday

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EndSARS: Nigerian soldiers shoot peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate, Lagos

Lagos youth protesters have reportedly destroyed properties in the house of Oba of Lagos. This occurred today after the sad event of yesterday where many lives were lost at the shooting in Lekki.

It was a black Tuesday yesterday at Lekki toll gate Lagos state when soldiers opened fire on EndSARS peaceful protesters. Many lives were lost while some were injured and got hospitalised.

Lagos youth has invaded the home of Oba of Lagos destroying properties

The youths in Lagos got enraged by the fact that the leaders, including their traditional ruler, Oba of Lagos, are not doing anything about the massacre and other violent acts against peaceful protesters in the state.

The youths, out of anger, went ahead to destroyed properties of Oba of Lagos, including his cars in his home.

The angry youths have equally seized the staff of the office Oba of Lagos and were seen running around the street of Lagos with it.

As the protest unfolds in various parts of the country, we would continue giving you the latest update on Clacified.