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Protesters invade Lagos warehouse, pack COVID-19 palliatives

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday

Freelance sports writer with great passion for football, Academic content writer and Lifestyle Blogger

EndSARS protesters in Lagos have invaded a warehouse where all the Lagos State COVID-19 palliatives were packed and made away with everything.

The EndSARS protest in Lagos continues. It has been reported that thugs and hoodlums disguised as protesters use the opportunity to pack government-owned properties and destroy some things.

According to reports, the protesters made away with over 500 bags of rice, an uncountable numbers of cartoons of Indomie and other things in the house.

The governor of Lagos State, Sanwo-Olu, had this morning made a statement regarding the protest and said that he has not been able to speak to the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari.

Until this afternoon, Buhari has not addressed the nation, and the Nigerian youths seem to be adamant this time as they are bent on going on with the protest until something is done.