Kaduna killings: Elders beg FG to intervene

Gun men
Tochi Juliet

The Southern Kaduna Elders’ Consultative Forum, on Wednesday, called on the Federal Government, to intervene and proffer a lasting solution to end killings in the southern part of Kaduna.

In a press statement on Wednesday, issued and signed by the chairman of the group, Elder Peter Buba, he said the southern part of Kaduna had been in the eye of the storm over the constant attacks and massive destruction of lives and properties in the past few weeks.

The statement reads: “As elders of the area and indeed Kaduna State, we are much disturbed by the unfolding tragedy ripping across our land.

We cannot, therefore, afford to continue sitting and folding our arms in the face of the continued violence that portends a bleak future for future generations.”

The group further called on the president to urgently come to the help of the southern part of Kaduna since it’s the prerogative duty of the president to protect all citizens irrespective of tribe, language or colour.

The statement continues:

“As everyone knows, in their oaths of office, Mr President and all the 36 state Governors undertook to create a conducive environment for the peaceful co-existence of all citizens irrespective of creed, religious or ethnic, to ensure seamless development and healthy growth of our country.

We have lived together in an integrated and symbiotic manner until the brutal invasion of our communities by the enemies of development, and progress.

What is happening in the southern part of Kaduna today and by extension, some states of the federation is at variance with the above laudable objective.”

The incessant killings in the southern part of Kaduna have intensified despite a curfew that has been imposed on the area.

It was reported that more 60 persons have died within just a week.

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