Police Union not identifying officer involved in Australian crew attack

Trump and the US park police during the D.C. protest
Emeh Joy

A police Union for the United States Police said it would not be releasing the name of the officer involved in an attack on an Australian TV crew which was reporting on the protests in D.C. on Monday.

The incident which was caught on camera was broadcasted live on the Australian show, "Sunrise".

Kenneth Spencer, Chairman of The Fraternal Order of Police, United States Park Police Labor Committee, spoke via a statement saying that the union will not identify the officer due to pending investigation of U.S. Park Police and "Privacy Act" issues.

Two U.S. Park Police officers have been assigned administrative duties while an investigation is being conducted on what happened.

Spencer claimed that reporter Amelia Brace and the cameraman Tim Myer were in a "very dangerous area in the middle of the violent protesters" that were being cleared from Lafayette Park. The U.S. Park Police said in a statement that the protesters threw projectiles around 6:30 p.m on Monday.

The Australian crew "may have fallen" and because of the loud noise and the "lack of readily identifiable journalist markings", Brace and Myers were not "readily indistinguishable from violent protesters", Spencer said.

He went further to say, "We wish the Australian reporting team well and simply wish that the circumstances of their visit had been better.

Spencer had said that at least 51 members of the U.S Park Police were hurt and five hospitalized during the protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd passed away while he was being taken into custody.

"All labour unions in the United States have a duty to defend their members. Our union will be doing the same in this matter", he said.

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