UK protest: Protesters pull down slave trader's statue

Ernest Sunday

Former slave trader Edward Colston's statue has been pulled down by protesters in Bristol UK as the global "Black lives matter" protest continues.

Protest continues across the Uk as thousands of protesters come up to protest against racism, raising their voices for the global "Black Lives Matter Protest". The protest has taken a more significant step as Bristol protesters in the UK pulled down the statue of a former slave trader Edward Colston.

Protesters climbed up the statue to tire rope around the neck of the statue before dragging it down, one of the protesters knelt on the neck of the statue in remembrance of the death of George Floyd. Minneapolis police officers killed him by kneeling on his neck in the United States. Floyd's death has triggered protests around the globe on how bad the blacks are treated.

A protester kneeling on the neck of Edward Colston's statue

Edward's statue was dragged around Bristol city before it was taken to the harbour where it was thrown into the water. Protesters then used the space for the statue as a stage for speaking against racism.

According to a report from the Guardian Petitions have circulated for years demanding the removal of the statue, with one petition gaining 11,000 signatures. The petition states, "Whilst history shouldn't be forgotten, these people who benefited from the enslavement of individuals do not deserve the honour of a statue. This should be reserved for those who bring about positive change and who fight for peace, equality and social unity."

The same scene had surfaced in the United States where protesters in Ala, Nashville, Richmond, Va. , Tenn and Montgomery pulled down statues of leader who was tagged as icons of racism.

In support of the protest, Marvin Rees Bristol Mayor stated, "I know the removal of the Colston Statue will divide opinion, as the statue itself has done for many years," Rees said. "However, it's important to listen to those who found the statue to represent an affront to humanity."

He added, "Let's make the legacy of today about the future of our city, tackling racism and inequality."

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