6 ways to improve your personal relationships

Life and relationships have ups and downs; thus, it is all about keeping the knot together and being at peace with your partner and loved ones. Read on about the 6 ways to improve your personal relationships.

A couple in a relationship, discussing about their lives.

Everyone knows how the world and reality of life could be harsh sometimes. When you’re feeling stressed or frustrated due to some personal problems, you may find comfort in watching TV, going shopping, or eating your favourite dessert. However, the comforting feeling you may get from material things may not be as lasting as you hoped.  

Thankfully, the profound and sincere connections you have with other people could increase your resilience to take on any life challenges. These supportive and loving relationships could help you become happier, healthier, stronger, and more satisfied.

Whenever you face problems, you could always count on people who matter to you to give you love, support, and motivation to keep going. So one of the essential things you could work on in your life is to improve your personal relationships continuously.   

When healthy and stable relationships surround you, the world would simply be better to live in. So to help you develop healthy relationships in every aspect of your life, here are six ways you could keep in mind. 

1. Celebrate and accept differences

One real thing about life is everyone is different. So in relationships, whether you’re siblings, relatives, family, partners, or long-time friends, there’d be times when each of you would have different views and opinions on certain things.

Instead of looking at this as an obstacle in attaining a healthy and positive relationship, you each need to understand that having differences is normal, and it’s one of the things you all must acknowledge and celebrate in your relationship. 

Imagine if everyone on the planet has the same taste, opinion, likes, and dislikes—life would be without a challenge. So whatever differences you may find in every personal relationship you have, it’s best if you accept them and celebrate them together. At the same time, be thankful if you have synchronicity with another person.

After all, you wouldn’t have that relationship in the first place if neither of you didn’t have something in common. So, celebrate those differences and focus on your shared values.  

2. Be an attentive listener

Communication is essential in maintaining and improving personal relationships. However, some people tend to forget that the most crucial part of having good communication is being an attentive listener. Active communication doesn’t always mean spilling out all your guts.

It’s also about listening to what the other person has to say and trying your best to understand what they’re feeling or going through. 

Being an attentive listener is a powerful skill that could boost another person’s self-esteem. Whenever a person feels heard and understood, it could make them feel loved, valued, and supported. You don’t have to express your love and support through words always. Sometimes, all it takes is to lend your ears and undivided attention.  

So check in with your loved ones sometimes and ask them about their day or life. Once they start sharing with you some personal details, make sure to listen attentively without any judgment or jumping to conclusions. 

3. Give them your time

The most valuable gift you could give to the people you care about is your time. As time is something you can never take back, giving time to someone is priceless as it means you’re sharing a bit of your life with them. 

Unfortunately, numerous things could serve as barriers when attempting to spend time with the people you love. For instance, due to the advances in technology, people tend to just text or chat with their loved ones on social media rather than set aside a part of their day to visit them and catch up. 

But the good thing is you have the power to control the situation. You could opt to take the initiative, see your loved ones in person, visit them, or invite them over for brunch or dinner.

If you want to cultivate and nurture the relationships you have with the people you love, you can show off your love language by devoting your time, effort, and energy to see them and spend some quality time with them.  

Spending quality time with your partner and loved ones is priceless.

4. Develop Empathy

Showing empathy is a skill many people may not possess. If you want to improve your relationships, it’s ideal if you start practising empathy. Showing empathy means trying to understand another person’s feelings or perception without forcing on them your own point of view.

However, being empathetic doesn’t also mean you have to embrace and follow whatever they feel or believe in. It only means supporting their view because that person is valuable to you.  

Going deeper and understanding where they come from is another way of showing empathy. The more you understand their history or whatever past experiences they’ve been through, the more you understand the person and value them even more.  

5. Learn to apologize

As no person is perfect, everyone is bound to make mistakes. If you’ve messed up or made a family member, partner, or friend upset, it’s essential to take the blame and apologize. Trying to clear your name or becoming defensive wouldn’t always do good for your personal relationships.

A simple ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘It’s my mistake’ is already enough to preserve your good relationships and mend the ones that have been ruined. 

6. Learn to forgive

Aside from learning to apologize, you also need to learn how to forgive, especially the people you care about. It’s hard to maintain a good relationship when you’re still holding grudges toward another person.

While it’s true you may need some time to recollect yourself and cool off; you also need to remember that holding these grudges longer wouldn’t do you or anyone else good. So if your friend, partner, or loved one extends their hand for peace and offers their sincere apology, hear them out and give them a chance. 

Final thoughts

These tips are only hints on what you could do to improve and cultivate your personal relationships. You may choose to follow them or think of other ways that would suit you and the relationship you have with other people.

Most importantly, always remind yourself that human relationships are like wine—they get better and stronger in time. But this would only happen if both of you would work on it together. 


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