10 types of guys you will see on every college campus

There are different types of guys you will see on every university campus. Each displays a certain type of behaviour. In today's article, we talk about 10 types of guys you are likely to meet on every college campus.

10 types of guys on every college campus

College might be a bad experience for some people, but it is the best experience for some others. How good or bad your college days will depend on the people you meet and the memories you share with them.

There are generally 10 types of guys you can find on almost every college campus. While some of these guys are cool, others are annoying.

The work hard, play hard

These college guys are always talking about business and how they will hit it big out there, but they are busy failing all their courses. These guys are so focused on their careers that they spend almost no time focusing on their school work.

Whenever you see this group, they discuss business and try so very hard to sell their ideas to someone. They believe they can make it big even without scaling through their exams or graduating in flying colours in the university.

Their dressing code is a number one sign for anyone trying to identify them. They always show up to school in suits and button-down shirts, even when it’s scorching hot outside.

They are never just casual and ready to have fun. You might succeed in dragging this category to party once in a while but be assured that they will be leaving the party early to answer their emails or some clients.

Guys in this category are all about money-making, but they are not bad guys. They are just not fun to be with.

The "bro"

The "bro" type of guys on the university campus is also known as a party jerk. They are the life of every party. These guys are the kind of guys that use their parents' money to do anything they want.

Many of these guys always come from wealthy homes, and they end up cruising on the campus with their parents' wealth and resources. These guys believe they can do anything they want because they have money backing them up.

These types of guys are always sneaky and love taking advantage of people. They don't like hanging out with other students they tag as 'low-class'.

These groups only relate to people of the same status. Humility is not in their dictionary. You will only find them acting humble when they need something and want to gain something from you.

They are also selfish as they can gain everything they want without giving back to anyone that supports them. If you are in the low-class level, you might not want to hang out with people like this as they will end up looking down on you and will likely use you only to their advantage.

The try-hard guys

Just as the name sounds, the try-hard is just that, a try-hard. They never quit; they always want to be involved with everything, whether it's academics or sports, dating or any activities at all.

These guys will literally do anything, but it's not always because they care; it usually boils down to them wanting to be identified as the best in their classes. To be recognised and appreciated by people.

Everything tends to be very calculated and manipulated to be in their favour. They want to be perfect; they want to make everyone happy, but they always turn out to be the least happy out of everyone.

The try-hard guys always put everyone else's opinions before theirs. This causes them to lack confidence, and the only way they feel they can get self-love back is by proving themselves by doing anything to gain people's attention.

Guys that know all the local spots

There are some guys on the University campus who know all the local spots and hangout areas. These guys might even be a bit geeky, but you have to give them credit because they really do know all the cool hotspots.

They are most likely locals and own a blog, but they're still pretty cool to hang out with. This type of guys can easily fall in love, so make sure that you make it clear to them that you’re not looking to date them, or they will seriously just take it too far.

It’s best if these types of guys stay more like a brother/friend. These guys are quite sketchy at times too. They usually want to be friends at first but only use that to find an opportunity to date you.

With time they get bored of a friendship and the whole routine over again with some new girl because they want to show them all the “cool” local spots to impress them.

The cute guy in class who stares at girls

In every university, you must find the "off-limit fine boys gang". These guys will always be caught staring at fine girls in their class without uttering a word.

Such guys will always admire the fine girls but will never for once ask them out or talk to them. Sounds weird, right?

The amazing thing about this class of people is that they are normally cute guys. They will admire a girl to the extent that the girl will feel they are interested in her, but they will never ask the girl out.

Most times, the girls end up being the ones to seek the guys' attention or even ask them out.

Okay, let's paint the picture. Imagine how hard it will be to focus on what the teacher is saying when you are drooling over a fine boy sitting behind you during lectures.

You look up his name on the class roster and begin looking him up on all social media. He is that boy that motivates you not to wear sweats to your 8 a.m. class.

He is good-looking and smart, and you want him to realize he is in love with you, and you will live happily ever after.

It sounds funny, right? But, this scenario is not far-fetched from the typical things that happen in school. It seems these guys know the power they hold over the ladies and keep getting more girls drooling over them.

The stage-five clinger

These are the ones who get your number from your friend's friend and text you every day. They follow you on every social media platform, like all of your Instagram pictures, and favour all of your tweets and messages on Facebook.

You get to hear things like, "Hey, whatcha up to?"; "I saw in your Snapchat that you're at a party with my friends, can I join? "We should hang out sometimes"; "I think I like you". "Why are you not responding?" If you're not interested, just let me know"; "I don't want to annoy you."

The stage-five clingers are always over clinging even when it's clear that a girl is not interested. They hardly give one a breathing space, and it could be very annoying as hell.

Like, "dude", give it a rest. When you and your friends see him out on weekends, you already have an escape planned out.

The funniest thing about those individuals is that they will hardly say all those things they have been bluffing on different social media platforms when they finally meet you in person.

The sweethearts

Believe it or not, there are great guys out there at our campuses who don’t just want to get in your pants. They have a heart of gold and would do anything for you.

These are the guys who actually care about you and make you laugh. These are the ones who will talk to you when you are having a bad day. They are the ones that, when you go out together, act like your boyfriend to keep the creeps away.

These guys do not rush to woo a girl, they normally start as friends, but they may establish a working relationship with the girl along the line.

If you are currently with this type of guy, here is something for you; "you may have started as just friends, but maybe it is time you reconsider"just being friends"because he might just be the one you need to keep around for the long haul".

The party guys

The party guys, just as the name sounds, are at every party. You’ll quickly realize that these guys main interest is alcohol, and that is partly their sole aim for being at almost every party.

Guys on the university campus that fall into this group are constantly surrounded by other groups of guys who love booze as much as they do.

Pub crawls, dorm parties, off-campus keggers—you name it, they will be there. The Party Guys are usually fairly attractive and love having a good time with boys and girls.

With all their social activities, these guys barely have time to study, let alone find time for a serious relationship. They are hardly in a serious relationship but love to be around beautiful ladies always.

The womanizers and flirts

The womanizers will be found at parties too, but instead of trying to get as drunk as the party guy, they will be trying to get into every woman’s pants.

They are usually either alone (since friends get in the way of their slick routine) or with one wingman.

The womanizers and flirts may be more attractive than the Party Guys and will have a great deal of practice using smooth lines, so be careful that you don’t fall for their charm unless you’re fine with no-strings-attached fun.

If they think you’re hot, they may pretend that they are committed to you while wooing other women behind your back. Proceed at your own risk!

Mama’s boy

Guys in this category are probably the best guys to be friends with during college. These guys are sweet and lovely; they hardly cross the line.

Even when they have a crush on you, they will never bring it up unless you do it first. Whether you do or not, that’s entirely up to you.

The mama’s boys are sometimes quiet and usually into art or other creative media. They are in touch with their feelings, and they will listen to your problems.

Mama’s boys are usually pretty cool guys, they are always there to talk, and you’ll probably have sleepovers and movie nights that aren’t even weird.

While they might have a crush on you, they value your friendship more than anything and would never risk it unless one night they drink too much and tell you the truth.

Honestly, they are marriage material; keep that in mind when any one of them finally confesses how they feel. But know you have to share them with their mama as well.

How many of these types of guys did you encounter in college? Use the comment box and share your stories with us!