3 factors that fuel domestic violence

Domestic violence is the victimization of a person in an intimate relationship or violence. Let's see 3 factors that can trigger domestic violence.

Factors that fuel domestic violence

Domestic violence has been one of the world's nightmare. Domestic violence refers to the victimization of a person with whom the abuser has a romantic, intimate or spousal relationship.

It can also be called 'Intimate partner violence'. In this case, it involved couples, lovers or partners in a relationship. There are several factors that can fuel domestic violence.

Whenever domestic violence is mentioned, some think the female folks are the only victims. In today's world, many men are victims of domestic violence by their wives.

Domestic violence involves violence against both men and women and includes violence in gay and lesbian relationships.

Domestic violence consists of a pattern of coercive behaviours used by an adolescent or adult to establish and maintain power and control over another adult or adolescent.

These behaviours can occur alone or in combination sporadically or continually, including physical violence, psychological abuse, stalking, and non-consensual sexual behaviour. 

Several factors fuel domestic violence, but this article will list three essential factors that fuel domestic violence.

1. Hard Drugs and alcoholism

Drug constitute one of the major causes of domestic violence. Drug, alcohol and substance abuse are some of the factors that weaken self-control. Whenever an individual is high on substances, he tends to misbehave and hardly control his emotions.

A study published in 1995 in theJournal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved found that violent behaviours and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand. The article described the connection between addiction and violence as a relationship between “cause and consequence.”

Research shows that addiction increases the likelihood of violent behaviour; however, that connection is affected by multiple factors.

According to an article published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, more than 75 per cent of people who seek treatment for drug addiction report having performed acts of violence, including mugging, physical assault and using a weapon to attack another person.

Domestic violence will likely take place when one partner is addicted to alcohol and hard drugs. Drinking alcohol can result in a loss of self-control and make someone more likely to act on their anger.

Another research shows alcohol can make people act sexually aggressive toward others. According to a paper published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 25 per cent of women have been sexually assaulted, and half of those assaults involved alcohol.

Alcohol and hard drugs have been listed as one major trigger of domestic violence.

In some cases, in real-life stories, and an individual involved in alcoholism and hard substances will always beg the partner after hitting or assaulting them. This happens because, at that moment, they are no longer in control of their emotions.

2. Hot temperament

Temperament is our unique feature. Everyone behaves the way they do because of their temperament. Temperament is the biologically granted part of a person's personality.

It is present from birth and is thought to reflect the combination of genetics. Temperament is similar to instinct. You can see it at work in babies.

Some babies are calm and peaceful, and placid, while others are colicky, easily upset and easily frustrated. Such differences are thought to result from different biological wiring within the babies and not from differences in their environments.

Some temperaments are easily prone to anger and thus have a higher tendency of causing the individuals to raise their hands on others.

Since psychologists have confirmed that some temperaments are more prone to anger and can exercise their anger in a very violent way, it is wise to note that domestic violence is inevitable once you are with such a partner.

I have seen a scenario where a partner who isn't on high drugs or alcoholism uses the other person as a punching bag, not because he doesn't love his wife. After that much beating, the man would feel remorse and beg the wife for forgiveness.

The only explanation for this scenario explained above is temperament. The individual has a temperament that is easily prone to violent anger.

Some persons cannot contain their anger, and anger will always lead them to violent behaviours, including domestic violence.

What such people need is a therapist who can put them through anger management therapy, and if he is a Christian, he can submit to the Holy Spirit to work on him.

3. Poverty

Poverty constitutes one of the factors that fuel domestic violence. There is a saying that "a hungry man is an angry man".

When both partners are wallowing in poverty with nothing to eat or train the children, anger will definitely set in, and it becomes a prompt to domestic violence.

Anger is the root of domestic violence. In a situation whereby the man can't provide for the family and the wife isn't doing well in terms of finance, the poor financial status becomes the basis for anger.

Once anger sets in, there is every tendency of one lifting hand on the other; it then becomes an avenue for domestic violence.