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Advice needed: My boyfriend is always texting his ex

Franklin Izuchukwu
By Franklin Izuchukwu
Image of angry couple having a fight.

Whenever something crops up with my partner's ex, I feel a wave of anger and jealousy.

I started dating this guy soon after he ended things with her. It drives me mad that my boyfriend's ex is always texting him.

They have a child together, but he told me he doesn't love his ex any more and hasn't for ages.

I'm 25, he is 28, and she is 29. She messages him with mundane things like: "How's it hanging?"When she texted him the other day, I threw his phone on to the sofa.

He laughed and said I have an attitude problem. The next day he ­texted me: "How's it hanging?" It saddens me.

I don't know how to deal with it. I don't know if it is reasonable to feel the way I do. Do you think something is still on between him and his ex?

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