Campus Dating: 5 types of ladies in university relationships

When it comes to campus dating, be ready to meet different ladies in different kinds of relationships. Here are 5 types of ladies you are bound to meet in a university relationship.

Campus Dating: 5 Types of ladies in a university relationship

A university is a school of higher learning and, as such, not made for children. The standard age to enrol in university education is 18 years and above. It is believed that anyone in the university should be an adult as an 18-year-old is considered an adult.

In the university, relationship and dating isn't new thing. It is not rare to see partners, preferably called 'love couples', hanging out at different spots in the school environment, engaging in various forms of romance.

When you visit school campuses, you will see different relationships young ladies are into.

While campus relationships mainly involve both male and female genders, this article will focus more on ladies and the types of relationships they get involved in.

There are five categories of ladies on every campus that one must encounter when dating.

1. Ladies in 'friends with benefit' relationship

This set is not hidden once you are on the university campus. These are the type of ladies who go into a relationship for the benefit they will drive from their partners, such as money, food, pass marks, and even assignment writing and submission.

In some Nigerian universities, especially Federal universities, hunger is considered a norm, especially during exams.

The semester is coming to an end; you might have exhausted all your food and money during this period. This is when you know that desperate and hungry female students can do anything not to stay hungry.

Some may decide to hook up with one rich guy who has been asking them out for a while. The purpose of the relationship isn't for love but to gain money and food, which is the most important thing for an individual.

What of the 'Olodos' and lazy students who will never do any assignment even if they have all the time.

This set of ladies will single out the intelligent guys in their departments, hook up with them, and establish a relationship so the guy can be their helper in times of 'intellectual' need.

Some of them go as far as seducing those guys. Once an assignment is given, these guys do both their own and girlfriends' and are compensated with good sex.

Some other ladies that fall under this category are the ones that date their lecturers for a pass mark. Some students who date their lecturers do that for the benefit, not for love, so that they can get a pass after exams.

2. Ladies in polygamous relationships

This group do not have just a single relationship. They are known for their multiple relationships.

The polygamous group is another set of ladies who indulge in a campus relationship. This group does not have just a single relationship. They are known for their multiple relationships.

They change men like bathroom slippers. While you are still wearing a pair of bathroom slippers, these ladies must have changed up to 3 boyfriends.

This group of ladies can be found on any university campus. They are never satisfied with a single relationship.

This set of female students are the ones that hop from one party to another, from one club to another, as those places create avenues to meet more men and make more relationships.

Some of them enjoy this polygamous relationship just for fun, while others engage in it because they benefit from it.

3. Ladies in faithful relationships

These ones have only one guy that visits them often and on.

Among the cheaters and polygamous relationships, there are still ladies at the university campus that are faithful girlfriends.

They have only one guy that visits them often and on. They showcase the guy to the whole campus. They are always seen together holding hands, reading together and doing everything together.

These are the most loyal girlfriends on campus. They like keeping every other guy at arm's length. They hardly give out their numbers to the opposite sex and will always define it vividly for their admirers that they are already in a relationship and do not intend to have any other one.

They act as if they were already married to their boyfriends. You see them act like the patron saint of long-term relationships and take it upon themselves to give everybody both solicited and unsolicited relationship advice.

4. Ladies in long-distance relationships

On the university campus, one must see ladies in long-distance relationships. They always have to cancel plans because of a Skype date with their boyfriends. They usually fall asleep on Skype together, which is kind of cute unless you are their roommate.

The unending video call, to an extent, will become so annoying for the roommates as they will find it hard to concentrate on themselves. The incessant "I miss you, baby" coming from the other end where the Skype call is going on won't you do a thing.

Fo this set of ladies in a relationship, once you complain about the continuous video calls, you are deeply in trouble as they don't like taking advice once it concerns their relationship.

5. Ladies in a 'couple' kind of relationship

These are the group of ladies that are living permanently with a guy in school

This group of ladies comes to school but leaves their hostels permanently and park into a guy's house. They end up playing a wifely role to the guy. They cook, clean and do the guys laundry.

Some of them turn out to call the guys their husbands and do everything to protect them from other girls' eyes. But unfortunately, it seems that those ladies in this kind of campus relationship are often cheated on more.

Every guy needs space, but in a situation where their girlfriends have parked into their house, the girl's presence will most likely suffocate the guy. There is no room to miss the girlfriend, nothing at all.

As they normally say, over-familiarity breeds contempt. Another saying goes thus, 'distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Nigerians refer to over-familiarity as 'see-finish'. See-finish usually sets in this type of relationship. It gets boring, and that's why some of these couple campus relationships end in tears, sadly.

You can use the comment section to add other categories of ladies in a campus relationship you have seen or witnessed in your school or elsewhere. The comment section is open for you.


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