Controversies: The 5G network saga

Emeh Joy

There has been lots of controversies recently as regards the deployment of 5g network. This has got the governments, different agencies and individuals in a hot debate. This topic looks like one that has been blown beyond proportion.

5G network

It has been days, and this argument has been ongoing. Just in case you haven't heard it or read about it, there has been a conspiracy theory circulating in the media that the new 5G network, which relies on signals carried by radio waves and is used in mobile phones, is what caused the Coronavirus pandemic and is aiding its spread. There have also been debates as regards its effect on the body's immune system.

It will be worthwhile to note that this isn't the first conspiracy theory that has emerged concerning the outbreak of this Coronavirus pandemic. Accusing fingers have been pointed to the Chinese Government as responsible for creating the novel Coronavirus as bio-weapons to cripple the global economy and come up as the most powerful. While this theory gives room for further investigations, does the 5G network too theory too?

To say the 5G network is linked with Coronavirus and is responsible for it really doesn't add up because there is no basis for that argument. The COVID-19 has been proven by various studies to be caused by SARS-CoV-2.

This is of the same family as other Coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV-1 and MERS, which have been in existence more than a decade back, except that the SARS-CoV-2 is a new strain. If other coronaviruses have been existing way back even before the thought of having a 5G in place came up, why should someone think 5G is responsible for this new strain?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the President of Love World Incorporated, a.k.a Christ Embassy, is one of those publicly propounding this COVID-19/5G network saga. He alleged that the lockdown measure taken by the government was all part of the ploy to introduce the 5G technology into the country.

Oyakhilome claimed that 5G technology was spreading the COVID-19 in other parts of the world. He was reported to have apologized for his comments. Still, it wasn't long after he gave another sermon where he said the US protests in June tagged #BlackLivesMatter were not really about black lives but microchips implantation.

He said the protests which took place for weeks across different states in the United States were all part of a grand scheme to get rid of the police and get microchips implanted into Americans and other citizens of the world to control them.

Okay, if you believe this theory, what do you have to say about those countries where the 5G has not been deployed yet has recorded so many cases of the Novel Coronavirus? Think of Iran. They are yet to roll out this new technology, yet the virus is ravaging the country. This is one major flaw in this conspiracy theory that shouldn't be overlooked.

Now, coming to the aspect of the technology causing lower immune system or toxicity to the health, 5G operates via a radio wave frequency that sits at the lower frequency end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This means that the radio waves are quite tiny and less powerful than visible light and, in fact, not that much strong to cause damage to cells.

Before you launch attacks on the 5G network and condemn its deployment, do you know that the UV rays from the sun are even very harmful? Yes, the sun's rays sit at the higher frequency end of the electromagnetic spectrum and have a frequency of approximately 30 PHz.

This is like 1 million times the frequency of the 5G network, yet you bask under the sun daily without sunscreen or any form of protection, but you want to fight deployment of the 5G network. Can't you see how that doesn't make sense?

Is the debate about the safety of the 5G network a valid one?

I would disregard the conspiracy theory of the 5G network being responsible for Coronavirus with a snap of the fingers, but what about other health issues? "Is the 5G network harmful to health?" is another question that has been on the sidelines.

I won't want to quickly disregard this one because some researchers have suggested that EMF tends to affect living organisms, causing certain changes like increased free radicals, genetic damage, cellular stress, neurological disorders, etc.

While that may contain some facts, it still doesn't make sense saying deploying it will wreak havoc when we go out in the sun without protection, go for X-rays, and use household items like the microwave with radiation which might as well be harmful to your health.

The 5G conspiracy theory, in my own opinion, just as some scientists have also said, "is complete rubbish". It is a theory without the right facts that has been blown beyond proportion.