Find out why some people cheat on their partners

We often may experience getting cheated in our relationship. And most of the time, cheating results in the breakup between partners. Read on to know certain reasons and factors that result in partners cheating on themselves.

A man cheating on his partner

We often may experience getting cheated in our relationship. And most of the time, cheating results in the breakup between partners. Because honesty is the backbone of the bonding and if broken by any chance the same also breaks the relationship.

But breakups don’t happen overnight. The cracks in the relationship starts due to some reason or the other and cheating often becomes the final nail in the coffin.

What are the reasons which have been contributing for a long time to create those cracks? And why your partner is cheating on you? If you too want to know then read on.

Today we are talking about certain reasons and factors that result in this situation. Read on to know them.

1. Poor emotional connection

Poor emotional connection and no spark in the bonding could be the reason. Most of them, some people get bored of the platonic relationship. It’s being kind of a pressure for him or her to bear this relationship. So, it’s time to bring back that charm.

2. Poor or no physical intimacy in the relationship

Poor to no physical intimacy in the relationship could also be one of the strong reasons why he or she has cheating with someone.

3. Fear of commitment

Is your partner a commitment-phobe? If yes, then there are high chances that she or he will cheat on you. The fear of being seriously committed will make them get out of the relationship anyhow. Because these kinds of persons suffer from FOMO a lot and commitment are like the loss of freedom for them.

4. To take revenge on a partner for past hurts

This is not so very common scenario but it happens sometimes. Your partner is doing this just to take revenge from you. The person is not being able to get over with those things for which you made him upset. So, he is cheating on you to vent out the frustration.

5. Being vulnerable

Getting an opportunity of cheating makes people more motivated about cheating. So, the chances then become more vulnerable to cheat on your partner. But that doesn’t mean everyone will take advantage of such a situation. There must be some other factors to encourage vulnerability like distance in the relationship.

6. Unmet emotional needs

Sometimes, unmet needs often lead to infidelity in the bonding. Maybe your partner has some different sex drives and fantasy which are not getting satisfied in this relationship. And this reason can drive a few to cheat. Emotional unmet needs can also contribute to this. And for this, your partner invests a lot of emotional energy on someone else rather than you.

7. Absence of variety in a relationship

If your partner is desiring for variety in the relationship, then it can result in infidelity. He may want some different styles of conversations which are lacking in the current bonding.

8. Low self-esteem

People with a low-self esteem can also indulge in cheating. Because having sex with a new partner makes you feel more confident and the ego gets boosted.