Flash fiction: The new 'Baby Girl' ignites fury at home

Father has gotten another 'Baby Girl' he has been sending messages to. This wouldn't be the first time however, this one might be the edn of him. Read my flash fiction.

Flash fiction: The new Baby Girl ignites fury at home, a short story

My father is at it again!!!


He is seated on a couch with a glass of freshly brewed bonbon juice in his right hand and his phone in his left hand.

He takes one, two, three sips and drops the glass on the table, then zooms the image displayed on his phone screen his eyes have been fixated on for close to an hour.

He moves his focus to the young lady's butts. I have lost count of how many times he zoomed it. He moves back to her breast popping out like two ripped pawpaws about to fall.

He licks his lips and mutter "She has everything perfectly fixed at the right places. Just the way I love them!!!"

He smiles sheepishly, just then a message from the lady pops up on his phone's screen. He hastily takes a sip of the juice and begins to type a reply.

He writes "Baby girl, a beautiful girl like you deserves the best man in the world. Not all these chewing gum guys that cannot offer you anything.

"Just give me a chance to prove to you that I'm not like the guys you've been with. I really love you and want to treat you like a queen that you're."

'Baby girl' tells him to give her a little time to think over the matter. He accepts and pleads with her to make it very snappy as he can't really wait to be with her.

Baby girl is just my age or a little bit older than me, with one year or some months. She's with her sister now, she clears her throat and says;

"Babe, there's this man that has been on my neck since. He says he loves me, I don't want to have anything to do with him, but he won't just let me be.

"Today, I've made up my mind to teach him a lesson in a way he'd be forced to block my number and on social media platforms we share too."

She picks her phone and dials my father's number. He is already in the bathroom, taking his morning bath that the chat he was having with Baby Girl couldn't allow him to do at the right time.

Mum is close to where he kept his phone, so, she picks.


A tiny voice comes up, mum is trying to understand what the person over the phone is saying, my father rushes in immediately, his towel almost falling off his waist but he doesn't give a damn, he takes the phone from mum.

"Hello...yeah...sorry I wasn't around, so my younger sister had to pick the call..."

The words strike mum right in the heart; she feels humiliated, so she angrily asks,

"Who is your sister!!! Tell me no!!!..."

My father ends the call, look her straight in the eyes and say "Woman!!! If you don't leave my sight this moment, you'd be blamed for your own death."

At this point, mum becomes cold. The memories of how my father pounds her like a mortar and draws purplish marks on her skin resurrects. She goes into the room and begins to sob. Father calls Baby Girl almost immediately.

"Yeah, baby girl. Sorry for the way I ended the call, the network was bad."

Baby Girl says, "No problem, I just wanted to tell you that you can now go ahead and pay for a hotel room in any of the nearest city that would be convenient to you, then I'd be at the junction we agreed on to wait for you to pick me up."

Father smiles lustfully "That's my baby girl, I'd do that right now. I can't wait to have you in my arms and romance you in the right places."

The call ends. Father starts to dance happily like he just won a naira bet.

Baby Girl is busy laughing out loud; she's really proud of her action. She starts to brag about it and how she's been waiting for a day like this.

An hour later, my father calls Baby Girl to inform her that he just booked a room in one of the best hotels in the nearest city and he's waiting for her at the junction already.

Baby Girl lies to him that she'd be at the junction the next five minutes. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes gone, Baby Girl is still not in sight.

My father begins to flutter around like a fowl protecting its chicks from preying eyes. The money he just wasted in getting a hotel room hurts him most.

Baby Girl is the only girl that ever gave him a tough time, his plans of taking all he has invested in her just got ruined by the little brat.

He felt insulted when he finds out that Baby Girl's number is not reachable anymore. He storms into his car and begins to drive home with fury.

His face tonight tells us all that it's going to be a hell of a night for any scapegoat in the house. I've already feigned sick and lying on the bed in my room just to avoid his wrath.

In case he tries anything silly, put my mum in your prayers, she might be the next murderer to appear in the newspaper tomorrow as a result of domestic violence.

I can feel the sword in her speech and the blood in her eyes; they are like brimstone that can't be quenched. Today, unlike other days, she seems prepared for the worst.