How to act on your first date

Ernest Sunday

Many people get disoriented during their first date with their partner to be. How do you talk, behave or comport yourself especially with someone you barely know?

Picture of the first date

This guide will be handy to both the female and male folks when it comes to first dates. First dates may be weird, but you can make things easier for you and your date if you use these tips.

For the ladies

1. Dress with Confidence

The first idea is to make it known that you are in love with yourself already. Dressing comfortably just flavours that idea.

And when you are at that point where you are comfortable with what and who you are wearing, most other things go smoothly.

 Men always love to get associated with ladies that show confidence in themselves. It always makes them go nut.

2. Put on a Smiley face

Wear a sincere smile. As they say, "smiling is contagious".

Wearing a sincere smile on your face shows every beautiful side of you.

A real smile shows your inner beauty, so try it, even if it's not for your partner's sake, but your sake.

3. Do not talk about your past all-day

It's not wrong to talk about your past, but using all day to talk about your history? It is not romantic rather, it turns it into a pity party date (especially when your past is filled with 'not-so-good' memories.

It makes it pitiful and annoying, moving the attention away from the primary purpose of the date.

4. Put away desperation

You should not be desperate because you are searching and giving love a chance. Make sure you keep your self-worth.

Do not dress slutty; it will not show the real you.

Don't be desperate to talk about your marriage planning with him on your first date.

For the guys

1. Avoid Bragging

You should not brag about your success. Doing so will only bore a lady out or irritate her; why? Because you will only be talking about yourself, and it won't be interactive, and the purpose of the date wasn't all about you and your achievements. It is all about the two of you.

2. Overbearing

Never try to be dominating on your first date, it's super cool to let her know you are a gentleman and show her you can stand up for her as a Man but never try to do it irrationally.

3. Don't Split the bill

It will make you come off as a cheap gold digger, yeah I have seen guy gold diggers. You should settle the bills and if she insists on splitting it, then, no problem.

Now for both parties

  • Know how to make a good conversation; no one enjoys a "yes/no" type of discussion.
  • Appear involved in the date, even if the person doesn't match your expectations. It shows respect for the efforts that have been put.
  • What are your expectations from the person when going on a date for the first time with them? Get prepared for the surprise because everyone may not be your expectation of them. Likewise, you may not meet what the other expects of you.
  • Make sure you have some money on you to sort yourself in case something goes wrong. These go for both parties/genders. Do not go for a date with an empty purse.
  • Not all dates go well, and in some cases, something out of your control may happen which will require you to sort with cash. Better prepared than being taken unawares.