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Hugging an essential part of relationship

Tochi Juliet
By Tochi Juliet
Lovers hugging romantically

Hugging in a relationship is one of the things that spicy up a relationship. It is an essential part of a relationship that cannot be overlooked.

It always brings two hearts together, and it is also a means of experiencing how happy you are to have them in your life. 

However, it's unfortunate that some have underrated this relationship medicine that does magic.

It’s a means of communication between two persons who have known each other in any way. With a hug, you can say things you find difficulty communicating with your mouth.

There are different hugs for different occasions and relationships, be it casual or romantic.

Cuddle Hug

This is a type of hug that goes between two lovers who are in a romantic relationship. This type goes with kissing, romancing and also with affection. Cuddle hug is a well romantic hug for two lovers who are already in a relationship.

Cuddle hug

Self hug

A self hug is a kind of hug that someone does to him or herself. Maybe you felt a bit cold and want to hug yourself to feel warm. Or you may miss someone, and you feel like hugging yourself. It’s a self hug that you can do for yourself.

Flirty hug

This is a kind of hug that people do when they are flirting with someone. It’s a kind of fun or showing how you wanted it. It tells what’s on your mind at that particular time.

For instance, if you are flirting with someone, there’s this kind of hug that you always give them, it can be casual or real depending on your mood at that particular time.

Flirting hug

Catcher hug

This is a type of hug that you may give to someone that you have not seen for a very long time. Just as the name sounds, you jump to hug that person, and he may catch you with the same hug. It also a kind of hug that you give to someone you love so much, but have not seen them for long.

Catcher hug

Waist hug

Waist hug is a hug that is done with hands on each other’s waist. It’s a healthy hug that is found in a healthy relationship. It’s a kind of hug that goes with affection.

Waist hug

Eye contact hug

This is a romantic hug that involves a lot of emotions and affection. It’s an eye to eye hug. Hugging and at the same time, looking on each other’s eyes without words but smiles. It shows that there’s love in that relationship.

Eye contact hug

Quick hug

Quick but affectionate, fatherly hug

This is a type of hug that you give to someone who is just a friend. It doesn’t mean any emotional something, it’s just a free hug. You can give such a hug to anyone, it can be used to say goodbye or congratulations. It’s a hug that doesn’t take time.

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