She keeps blackmailing me into sex

A beautiful lady romancing his partner.
By Franklin Izuchukwu

I’m 26, and my girlfriend is 25. We have been together for two years, and everything has been perfect.

I was at a friend’s 25th birthday party a couple of months ago. My girlfriend felt poorly so she didn’t go.

While there, I noticed that one of my girlfriend’s mates was looking at me. I realised she was trying to get it on with me, but I just ignored it.

I had quite a bit to drink during the evening, so I went out into the garden to get some fresh air.

This girl must have seen me leave the house because the next thing I knew she’d followed me to the bottom of the garden.

We started chatting, and after a little while, the conversation turned flirty. She had just split up with her boyfriend and thanked me for listening to her talk about it.

She’s 26 and a very pretty, petite blonde — quite different from my girlfriend, who is tall and dark-haired.

The next thing I knew this girl leant over to kiss me. I was surprised but kissed her straight back. We ended up having sex behind the garden shed.

Then I thought I could hear voices, so we quickly got our clothes back on and hid. We swapped mobile numbers then rejoined the party.

Now, this girl keeps calling me, sending me sexy pics of herself and getting me to do stuff with her online.

I don’t really want to, but I can’t resist her.

She’s much more adventurous sexually than my girlfriend.

She has now threatened to tell my girl everything if I block her.

I’m really stuck and don’t know what to do.

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