Industrialisation, the Murder of Nature

The fast growth of technology and industrialisation has paved the way for man's destruction. It's high time we realised this and acted before things get out of hands

The beauty of nature

Have you ever taken your time in solitude to think why the world is a huge mess? Epidemic and Pandemic diseases have become a usual occurrence around the globe. Currently, the whole world is battling Coronavirus, which has captured humanity and placed them at a standstill.

Technology has become a destructive tool man invented for its doom. Recently, the world has experienced the 5G saga and the issue of Coronavirus.

Humanity has experienced many civil wars and fought with less sophisticated weapons like spears, arrows, guns, (different types and makes) local bombs, and a few others. Today, countries fight wars with bio and nuclear weapons. One ought to ask, if the world continues in this form, what exactly will be the fate of the next generation.

I think we are in the reverse of the neoclassical age. The age of industrialisation and noise. The age of moral decadence and annihilation of nature. Morality has deteriorated to its peak. The unusual becomes usual. The unacceptable becomes acceptable, and every natural laws and principle blended to suit what we call civilisation today.

One is to ask, why has the table turned? Why is it that every timeless value is losing its efficiency? Why is our society in this deteriorated state? The death of nature becomes the destruction of man. Yet, it has a protective shield over humanity.

Wait a moment! I will take you to the world beyond, the world where there is absolute serenity. A world whereby the birds sing, the trees wave, and the wild creatures echo into thin air. True nature. What about the Australian fire? The Locusts, the diseases, these are worrying times.

Nature and its beautiful creatures

Nature and its beautiful creature

There have been a series of lamentations recently about deforestation and the effects. The effects from the ozone layer that is smashing man today result from the annihilation of nature. Man has lost it in pursuit of civilisation and industrialisation.

The fast growth of technology and industrialisation has paved the way for man's destruction. It's high time men turned back to Mother Nature for protection.