Is love the only criteria for marriage?

Many times, we do hear comments like, "we love ourselves, and that's what matters". In matters of marriage, love isn't enough.

A man cooking for his wife. Women love their men cooking

Many times, we do hear comments like, "we love ourselves, and that's what matters".

In the issue of marriage, love stands as one of the basics but should not be the only criteria to decide whom to choose to live with for the rest of your life.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and as such, should be taken seriously, and many things ought to be put into consideration before making such a life-changing decision. It is not all about the butterfly feelings in the stomach.

What happens to enquiring about the person you are to spend the rest of your life with? Oh yes! Some will put it to be a thing of old and such doesn't matter.

I will briefly narrate the story of a lady that nearly encountered her doom during her love voyage.

A lady and the love of her life has been best of friends for a while; however, she doesn't know much about this young guy that happens to be her heartthrob. They just met and felt the chemistry between each other; hence they dive into a relationship.

It was a fairytale relationship, a Cinderella type of life which will always end in happiness and joy.

However, all hell was let loosed when the young man needed to take the lady to his village, at least for a proper introduction. Everything was going on smoothly until midnight, when a python crawled to greet the August visitor, circling her twice in order access if she is good to be married into the family.

The young lady couldn't believe her eyes. She never dreamt of ever getting married to a man that the Oracle has to approve who the wife should be.

Meanwhile, "had I known", they say "comes late". It was already late for the young girl as the only option left for her is to reject the marriage and face her death. The lady was caught in an undescribable web.

They love each other, but can love actually be enough in this case?

Let's talk about compatibility. The rate of divorce in our society today is alarming. Those couples who troop to tribunal daily at one point in time loved each other. They shared chemistry and had a series of butterflies movement in their bowl; however; it was never enough.

In as much as love is needed for a relationship and marriage, compatibility sustains the marriage.

Compatibility also goes with understanding. It becomes difficult to be compatible with a partner that doesn't share the same views, values and beliefs as yours.

It is nearly impossible for a guy who finds himself every weekend in the club to marry and live forever with a 'church girl' who goes to vigil every weekend. Such marriage, without mincing words, will crash in a twinkle of an eye.

They may as well love each other, but compatibility is far from them, and couples that aren't compatible definitely will not understand each other.

In all these, where is the position of trust, at the high Echelon? A Marriage without trust crashes faster than the tower of Sailom.

Undoubtedly, one can love excessively but hasn't grown to the extent of trusting the partner absolutely. Love is there, but trust is out of reach. Such a marriage without hesitation will hit the rock.

Every marriage must be built on love but note that love is never enough and shouldn't be the only criteria for marriage. Run compatibility check, make enquiries and build your trust.