Lust and love: Do they coexist in marriages, relationships?

Ernest Sunday

Can there be any love without lust? Biblically lust is regarded as negativity and sin, while love is the exact opposite. But from a human perspective, naturally, lust brings out the love in human.

A man being attracted to another woman because the lust he has

Can there be any love without lust? Biblically lust is regarded as negativity, but naturally, lust brings out the love in a human. Let's go this way.

Love at first sight

It is always strange when I hear someone saying " I love you from the first day I set my eyes on you."

Does it mean you loved her from the first day you saw her or does it mean you got attracted to her shape or her boobs, maybe you got attracted to her because she is tall (not short probably), or perhaps you got attracted to her big boobs (not so tiny), or maybe her ass was not oversize but moderate?

Come to think of it she is beautiful and has all is required in a woman, not as ugly as a monkey, was that not what you saw? You lusted after the things you saw then loved her immediately.

You saw him huge, tall as a giant and probably handsome and then you got attracted to him, you never knew the kind of person he is whether he has a good character or if he is violent or arrogant then you claimed you loved him from the first sight.

He had flat Tommy (not pot belly), six-packs, a broad chest then you got attracted to that (lust) and loved him for that. You did everything possible to get to him; maybe you got him, then as time goes on, you started seeing a vampire in human form.

Instead of trying to change him, you ran away, but you claimed you loved him from the first day. The whole qualities you saw in him was all lust backed with love.

As we use to say we love people because of their good character and manner, but you just saw him or her without knowing his/her true nature then claimed it was love at first sight, believe me, I don't think so, you first lust because of what you saw and then you backed it up with love.

Can there be love without lust? I don't think so. Love goes with lust.

Love and lust in marriage

You got married to her, and she was looking fine, very beautiful, gorgeous and attractive, accompanied by good character, she was very submissive, obedient and loyal. You could talk about her with your friends because you were proud of her.

As time goes on, she started giving birth to your kids and unfortunately, all the beauty and attractions started vanishing, she does not dress as before, she thinks more about the kids than herself instead.

Now you started looking elsewhere instead of focusing on her because there was no attraction anymore.

Even upon all the love, you said you had for her, also being very obedient and submissive, you didn't care about that anymore simply because the lust is gone.

You don't mention her name to your friends anymore. What if continued taking care of herself? Are you not going to stick with her? You will all because the lust is still there, backing the love you have for up.


According to the dictionary, lust is simply a feeling of intense desire, especially of a sexual nature. At the same time, love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.

Now the question is, can there be affection without attraction? From the view, I don't think so. There will always be lust in every love. If you believe there is love without lust, tell us about it in the comment box below.