Rape: Who is to blame?

The issue of rape in Nigeria has increased recently, it is a controversial one, as many have turned it into a blame game. The question is; who is to blame?

Rape, a man holding a lady down on the ground and about to rape her

The issue of rape in Nigeria has increased recently; it is a controversial one, as many have turned it into a blame game.

Within a few weeks ago, the country has witnessed not less than four severe rape cases, which have led to the death of different victims.

The manager of Adamawa State Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Dr Usha Saxena, stated that Adamawa state has confirmed that 299 cases of rape have been reported in the state just within the last five months.

The rape of the UNIBEN student who was raped and murdered in the Redeemed Christain Church of God set the whole nation ablaze.

Not long after, the rape and murder of the University of Ibadan student Azeezat Shomuyiwa occurred. It was later followed by the rape and murder of a pregnant wife, Barakat Bello and then the rape and murder of another student in Ibadan, Grace Oshiagwu, who was also raped and murdered inside a church building.

From the above, one may be moved to ask, Who exactly is to be blamed?

The frequent occurrence of the ugly incident and the brutal killings of the young ladies in the country has instituted what one can liken to be a 'school of thought' representing different groups with diverse opinions.

Mrs Queen Igbinevbo who was raped and murdered in Benin

The first group I will like to discuss is a group I tagged 'Core Feminist' group.

This particular group happens to master the art of blackmail. They tend to channel every negative happening to the opposite sex, thereby using such a tool which can best be called 'Emotional Blackmailing', to trip-guilt their victims or prey.

The Core Feminist group has suddenly turned the rape incident happening in the country into a gender fight.

They believe that the male folk champions whatever ugly incident happens on planet earth, which explains why they have suddenly turned the rape incident into a gender fight.

The core feminist group believes that the parents' inability to give proper training to the male child leads to different menace in society.

However, by the critical look of things, one can confidently debunk this argument and as research and reports have shown that we have men who are rape victims.

The question is, who raped these men?

The second group is the group that believes the victim is the architect of her problem. I can remember vividly when the death of the UNIBEN student was announced; many blamed the victim.

I heard questions like, why did she go to the church and read? Is the church a library? Some were asking what type of cloth she was putting on as they believe short dresses that expose one's cleavages can result in such sexual harassment.

These questions and reasons are what I call lame excuses. They are not a justification for rape.

Any man who rapes a woman just because her cleavages were exposed is more likened to being an animal as he doesn't have control over his body.

Even if one should take the immodest dressing to be a significant factor that constitutes rape, what about the likes of Azeezat that wore a long gown and hijab, which covers her head to toe yet, she was raped and murdered?

Another group are the ones who blame the government for being solely responsible for the rise of rape incidents in the country.

According to this group, they believe that the economic hardship caused by total lockdown in the county is contributing to it. To them, they imbibe the theory that an idle man is a devil's workshop.

They believe that the government's inability to provide work that will keep its citizens busy and equally the total lockdown that restricts movement makes idleness a man's companion.

In conclusion, rape is a condemnable action, and whoever indulges in it should not go scot-free. The person should face the law.

It is equally wise to note that rape doesn't depend on a particular gender; however, it depends mainly on the individual. In a rape case, the individual should be blamed and not the parents or the whole gender.