Marriage - Part 2: Should a married woman confront her husband's mistress?

Emeh Joy

Debate has been ongoing whether it is wrong or right for a woman to aggressively confront her husband's mistress. If she confronts another woman over an affair with her husband, do you think her actions are justified

Two black women fighting over a man

In this part of the world, husbands are not just the head of the home, they are seen as the 'master' of the household. Husbands hardly go wrong and women have to always be at their best behavior irrespective of how they are being treated by their Lords.

While, the leadership position of the men is not disputed, do wives have to tolerate everything coming from their husbands?

In our first issue on 'Lets talk marriage issues', we addressed the issue of who is to blame when the man of the house cheats.

There was also a video included there of a married woman openly confronting a younger lady over an alleged affair with her husband. now, the question is, is this right? Did she do the right thing by confronting her husband's mistress?

Different people have different views as regards this. Personally, I won't fight another lady over my man. This is because I have no business with the other woman.

It is my husband that owes me his loyalty. Anyone else can misbehave, anyone else can as well hurt my feelings but not someone I trust too. I believe if there is anyone that should be confronted, it should be the man that swore an oath to be faithful to you.

Come to think of it, does fighting for a man even solve the issue? You can't possibly fight for a man that has chosen not to live up to his vows.

Fighting the other woman won't stop him, he alone can stop himself. As for those destroying other people's homes, I guess karma will do justice to that, or what do you think?