Simple wisdom for women aspiring for greatness

Ernest Sunday

Being a woman does not mean you cannot be a boss, there are rules for you to achieve your greatness and you can get it easily as you read down

Picture of girl boss aspiring for greatness

Self-reserved and keeps to self

You can't afford to be naked with every happening around you. Your love, social or spiritual life should be for you and you alone. You expose yourself to the world and expect to maintain your dignity still. Not everyone should know your story. Be a self-contained lady.

Full of surprises and unpredictable

There is beauty in a surprise. Don't run around announcing things that are yet to come. It will only destroy your vision and result in unnecessary shame if not achieved. Be self-disciplined.

You should be able to say yes where necessary. Keep the onlookers in the dark. Your moves ought not to be visible.

Few but meaningful connections

You can not befriend everyone and still expect to maintain complete focus. You can't be the organiser in every social activity and be a productive woman. Schedule your time appropriately and give priority to what matters. Love all but be a close friend of a few.

Does less of the 'girl talk.'

A wise woman needs not to engage in cheap talk that only leads to gossips and quarrels. A woman who gossips in no doubt is shallow and lazy.

Allocate time for herself

Time is everything. To understand better, you need to have enough time for yourself. Create time for self-discovery and meditation. Discover your weaknesses and work on them. Be a lady that values self-evaluation.

A strong relationship with God

One can not have the highest level of wisdom until you interact with its source. Rare breeds of women are found at the foot of Jesus. Give God time, lady.