SMAN, SWAN, social media pun turned into a gender war

SWAN, is sex the only thing a woman offer?
By Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

After the SMAN slogan's emergence, which came up slowly as a social media trend, ladies reacted and came up with SWAN. We take a look at how this turned into a gender war and could affect the real-world relationships.

SMAN, a slogan for Stingy Men Association of Nigeria, came up in 2021, as men targeted women in their new year resolutions. To avoid spending on ladies, the aim is to become stingy with money and leave women stranded out of cash. Funny right?

That caused many reactions on social media platforms, and many notable Nigerian Artists joined in the chorus, including Don Jazzy. It became even more popular when I.D cards started surfacing online with the tagline `DO NOT GIVE SHISHI`.

Stingy Women Association of Nigeria, SWAN

Stingy Women Association of Nigeria SWAN is an emerging group that emerged as an antagonist group to Stingy Men Association of Nigeria SMAN.

SMAN started the trend as they labelled their Association motto, do not give SHISHI, let me see what I can do. In reaction against SMAN, SWAN emerged with the motto, DO NOT OPEN.

Those are funny association mottos, but let's give you a heads-up on what they stand for.


SMAN logo, Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

Do not give SHISHI; let me see what I can do is the SMAN slogan. Here, the association is telling its members never to give money to their girlfriends. Not even a dime but instead reply "let me see what I can do".

In a way, let me see what I can do is a good strategy to keep a girl around you without pushing her away because hope never dies. Moreover, Ladies never forget unfulfilled promises made to them, they will keep coming back and asking for updates.

That is a good catch.

Lately, Nigerian women and women, in general, has become so much fused about money. They are after the rich guys, guys willing to spend on them for anything they desire. There is a popular saying among the Nigerian eco-system that says, "Money for hand, berekete for ground."

"Money for hand, berekete for ground." means that, if you give me the money, then you can lay me on the bed and do all that pleases you. That is not a good one, really.

On the other end, in general, Nigerian men and men have become accustomed to this idea. Every man struggles to make that little cash, buy that ride especially Mercedez Benz models, to catch them (ladies) on the low. We call them the fish.


Stingy women association SWAN motto

Oh yes, men love sex, who does not, that is the reaction from ladies after seeing their male counterparts come up with decisions to stop giving them cash.

By the way, to get that sex, we have to open our legs. We are gonna stop opening and starve you out till you give us that money. Hope you are getting the gist?. This is what the Association mean by DO NOT OPEN.

Ladies came up with this slogan not because sex is the only thing they can offer in a relationship. They came up with because they are fully aware that what most men look out for in relationships is SEX.

From social media pun to social clubs

SWAN and SMAN, which started just like a mere social media trend, has gradually turned into social clubs. The trend has grown into something bigger, with the Associations now issuing ID cards to its members.

No one saw it coming, but that is the level it has got to, do not be surprised if these Association ends up having a physical head office somewhere, someday in Nigeria. Funny right?. Nigerians love the cruise.

Don Jazzy, a popular musical artist in Nigeria and globally joined the gang and has his stingy men Association Id Card.

SWAN Cordinator ID Card, image picked out from Twitter

The trend has not just turned into a social club nut has raised lots of reactions, backlash and war between the opposing genders on social media networks.

Recently, On the Facebook platform, a picture of SMAN branch was seen with members having a meeting outside social media platform. This shows that there could soon be an official physical head branch.

SMAN Associationis took another huge shape as it is gradually turning into a social club

SWAN, a very controversial slogan

As ladies reacted, they came up with the slogan DO NOT OPEN, which raised many social media questions. Does it mean that Sex is the only thing women can offer in relationships?

This is the main issue that has aroused public controversial reactions. Both parties enjoy sex, so what is the fuss about it? Why use it as your slogan when you do need it and do crave for it?

What is the point of refusing to open your legs when the inside is itching you? Ladies can relate. That is not sustainable, definitely not, because you will come back begging for it.

Oh yea, and they are like, is that what you really think? We will shock you; we will never open our legs anymore. Does that mean that our ladies are prostitutes? Only prostitutes earn money for having sex.

The answer is NO, and we addressed this in this article: Is Sex the only thing ladies can offer in relationships?

Reno Omokiri, a prominent voice among Nigerians on Twitter equally aired his opinion that didn't sit well with many ladies. He acclaims the SWAN motto is just a confirmation of his litany over what ladies can offer in a relationship.

According to Reno Omokiri, the motto of SWAN is a clear indication of prostitution.

Possible adverse effect of SMAN on Real-world relationships

While Nigerians can sit back and enjoy the jokes, the reactions, the backlash, comments and all sort of funny videos made by comedians on the related topic, care should be taken as this could have negative impacts on real-life relationships.

The Act of Giving is Divine

The act of giving is divine, and the same applies to a relationship. In fact, it is a necessity, and not a choice, if you want a strong relationship. Who does not like receiving gifts? For ladies, receiving money from their lover is part of caring.

Every lady wants to be loved at all times, at any given hour. You have to continually prove your love for her by showing it every day. Money is a crucial part here. Do not go stingy on your girl, when she clearly knows you have and expect her to stay happy.

Whenever you can, spend some money on your woman. The primary goal of SMAN should have been, DO NOT LOOK AROUND, stay with one lady. The problem is not the money you spend on one girl, but the multiple you spend jumping from one lady to another.

Find the girl of your dream, stay with her, spend on her, and you will thank me later. On the other end, Ladies should understand that giving should not be one-sided. You also need to spend on your man, that is why you have got to work hard too, and have a job of your own.

Avoid using your man for shopping. He has got a lot to do to fix up. He has his own family too. If your primary aim of entering a relationship is to push your problems to the man, please stop it.

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