SWAN, is sex the only thing women can offer in relationships?

After the SMAN slogan's emergence, ladies reacted and came up with SWAN, but ended up hanging themselves to the cross. Now we ask, is sex the only thing women can offer in relationships?

SWAN, is sex the only thing a woman offer?

After the SMAN slogan's emergence, ladies reacted and came up with SWAN, but ended up hanging themselves to the cross. Now we ask, is sex the only thing women can offer in relationships?

Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SWAN)

SMAN, a slogan for Stingy Men Association of Nigeria, came up in 2021, as men targeted women in their year resolutions. To avoid spending on ladies, the aim is to become stingy with money and leave women stranded out of cash. Funny right?

That caused many reactions on social media platforms, and many notable Nigerian Artists joined in the chorus, including Don Jazzy. It became even more popular when I.D cards started surfacing online with the tagline `DO NOT GIVE SHISHI`.

Stingy Women Association of Nigeria (SWAN)

Stingy Women Association of Nigeria SWAN is an emerging group that emerged as an antagonist group to Stingy Men Association of Nigeria SMAN.

It funnily started as a trend on social media Platforms where both genders have been engaging in a gender war.

SMAN started the trend as they labelled their Association motto, do not give SHISHI, let me see what I can do. In reaction against SMAN, SWAN emerged with the motto, DO NOT OPEN.

Those are funny association mottos, but let's give you a heads-up on what they stand for.

Do not give SHISHI; Let me see what I can do

do not give SHISHI, let me see what I can do is the SMAN slogan. Here, the association is telling its members never to give money to their girlfriends. Not even a dime but instead reply "let me see what I can do".

In a way, let me see what I can do is a good strategy to keep a girl around you without pushing her away because hope never dies. Moreover, Ladies never forgets promises made, they will keep coming back and asking for updates.

that is a good catch.

Lately, Nigerian women and women, in general, has become so much fused about money. They are after the rich guys, guys willing to spend on them for anything they desire. There is a popular saying among the Nigerian eco-system that says, "Money for hand, berekete for ground."

"Money for hand, berekete for ground." means that, if you give me the money, then you can lay me on the bed and do all that pleases you. That is not a good one, really.

On the other end, in general, Nigerian men and men have become accustomed to this idea. Every man is struggling to make that little cash, buy that ride especially Mercedez Benz models, to catch them (ladies) on the low. We call them the fish.

SWAN, Do Not Open

Oh yes, men love sex, who does not, that is the reaction from ladies after seeing their male counterparts come up with decisions to stop giving them cash.

By the way, to get that sex, we have to open our legs. We are gonna stop opening and starve you out till you give us that money. Hope you are getting the gist?. This is what the Association mean by DO NOT OPEN.

Ladies came up with this slogan not because sex is the only thing they can offer in a relationship. They came up with because they are fully aware that most men look out for in relationships.

Truth be told, we all know that most Nigerian men, and men in general, crave for sex even before the relationship has started. Most ladies can agree with me on this, and there are many stories of how men beg ladies for sex, and even offer money to get her to open the legs.

Things ladies can offer in relationships

This brings us back to the main topic of this discussion. Is sex the only thing ladies can offer in relationships? The answer is NO.

Below, we list some of the things ladies can offer while dating, even though most men do not care about them but sex.

  1. Stress Relief or Emotional Support
  2. Financial Support
  3. Spiritual Support
  4. Partnership
  5. Advisory Role

We will now look at the above-listed points, and see that women have much role to play other than just being used as sex tools.

1. Stress Relief or Emotional Support

In a relationship, emotional support is very crucial. When the rage comes, you need someone to talk to. Someone whose smile alone melts away your sorrows.

It is always said that men are strong individuals, but no matter how strong one can be, there are certain time life has kicked you in the teeth, and you will need a warm hug, a lap to lie on and a soft, smooth words from a lady.

Women are known to be good when it comes to issues about emotions. Women are mostly fun to be with, and they give men the lively and conducive atmosphere needed to relax the mind and nerves.

Women offer emotional support to their partners by offering genuine encouragement, reassurance, and compassion.

2. Intellectual support

The modern woman is intelligent and well-educated. You can have an adult-level conversation with her about things that do not involve shopping, children, shoes etc.

She can also troubleshoot most of her own computer problems, rather than whining about it to you all the time. Your female partner can offer intellectual advice on how you can go about your job, business, and other intellectual topics while in a relationship.

Not all women are dumb; some have high IQ levels, just like some men are dump while others are intelligent and smart. Some women can also cheer you up on your favourite sports team, career jobs, computer skills and others.

3. Financial support

Unless she’s a gold-digger or raised in some backward religious cult, no woman expects to sit at home on her ass all day while others support her.

In today's world, women seek equality between genders; many women believe that whatever a man can do, a woman can do it too, including financial provision.

And where she earns money, she is more apt to understand the value of money, rather than spending it frivolously on stupid things. There are scenarios where a wife or girlfriend buys cars for their partners. They support financially towards their partner's career or businesses.

4. Advisory role

Aside from intellectual talks, women can really give life-saving advice. One can say that this is just in their DNA. Many men do wonderfully well in their businesses, thanks to their wives support and advice.

5. Conclusion

To conclude, it is shameful to SWAN counter the SMAN using the slogan DO NOT OPEN, but as explained, this was probably coined because there is a strong belief and acceptance that what men really rate so much in a relationship is SEX.

With that said, our women should know that they can do a lot better and support the men through some of the listed points above. Let me know what you think using the comment box.