The earlier the mistakes, the better, start acting

Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

Life is riddled with ups and downs; everyone is bound to make mistakes, grievous mistakes to be precise, but not a reason to stop trying. Start early, and your mistakes won't be your end but will be a stepping stone to your greatness.

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Life is riddled with ups and downs; everyone is bound to make mistakes, grievous mistakes to be precise, but not a reason to stop trying. Start early, and your mistakes won't be your end but will be a stepping stone to your greatness.

Are you afraid to fail? Are you afraid of becoming a laughing stock? Of being ridiculed and tagged failure? Well, we all are, in fact, everyone at certain points in their lives, passed through this horrendous stage, a stage where you are uncertain, and get freaked out by anything.

What you have to understand is that we are bound to make mistakes, we are bound to fail in our various dealings, but what matters is the ability to get back to your feet and try again.

The ability to learn from your mistakes, coupled with how you react and handle the after-effect of such disappointment is what will shape your future and determine your destiny.

Therefore, do not sit back, refusing to try because of fears of the unknown. Be a go-getter, an adventurer, a person on the move, ready to find that purpose in your life.

The earlier you start this journey, the journey of discovering one's true self, the journey of realizing your purpose, the better. What you need is a positive mindset, believing that things will turn out good.

Loneliness, the path to self-discovery

The path to discovering one's true self can be very lonely and daunting. Sometimes it feels like it is impossible like you are just going to hit a dead-end eventually, but you have to remember, "If it were easy, it would not be worth trying".

You face different challenges along the way; you will meet different kinds of people too. Some will be pivotal to your success, while others will seek to pull you down.

Key traits to have as you walk through this path are courage, positivity and determination. No matter what happens, you have to keep believing.

Another key personal trait that is worth mentioning is your attitude and human-to-human relationship. Your attitude towards people must be right at all times. You have to be calm inside in order to quench the storm outside.

It would help if you understood that you don't have the key yet, understand that you are more of an apprentice and not a boss, hence the need for humility and patience. You are going through a learning process, and as such, you have to pay attention to every little detail.

Also, even though you do most of the task, you have to be willing to confide in someone, no one does it all alone. You need someone, and you need that extra lift, you need the right people around you.

Don't be difficult to understand; it is not good quality.

The early bird catches the worm.

This brings us back to the key thing in our topic of discussion. The need to start early, make those mistakes very early in our career, learn, improve and smash it.

Do not sit back and do nothing, start from somewhere, it can be overwhelming looking at the task, the journey ahead, but do remember that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. You will see yourself covering some distance within a short space of time.

Moreover, the market is very competitive; the population of the world has increased massively. The number of ideas out there are just too many to count. You are definitely not the only person thinking about that idea, so the earlier you start, the better it gets.

The right friends, the right mindset

We make friends early in life, from primary school to secondary school to university days, so it continues till death. We must keep the right friends, especially in the early stages of life.

The foundation has to be set right if not, there is no ground to build upon. Most of the damage people encounter in their life were done during their youthful days.

The desired effect is to make as little mistakes as possible, and when we do, let's make them very early so that we can have much time to recover and make amends.

Surely, the mistakes are inevitable but take the heat while the skin can still regenerate; at the end, there won't be a scar. Keep friends who won't cause you troubles, friends who won't cause you to stir away from your purpose, friends who are role models.

That way, you stay on track at any stage of your life and will always be in the right mindset, the mindset needed to win, explore, and conquer.

You got this. Don't give up.

As already mentioned, failure is inevitable. I would even like it that I fail during my first attempt because it allows me to experience the feeling of failure. What matters is your attitude, your reaction, do you accept defeat? or do you tell yourself, "I got this, watch out".

What works for one might not work for the other. Some people get energized when they experience the feeling of winning, while others get stronger when they lose.

It is crucial to have both strengths. When you win, do not forget how it feels like when you lose, or probably, always remember how it feels like to win. In any case, use it to your advantage.

Please take a look back in history, analyse the lives of the many great men in history, and see that it was not all roses for any. It is hard work, resilience, belief, focus and teamwork.

You have to question yourself at every point in time; You have to challenge yourself, push forward, and learn from every step. Surround yourself with the right tools, and you have to study, read vast so that you learn from others' experiences before you.

Seek counselling from great minds whenever you can, and hope for the best always.