The moment you realize leaving her was a mistake

Ernest Sunday

So, you had this amazing thing going on with a beautiful soul, but you took it for granted. Out of your carelessness, you ended up tossing it into the winds.

picture of a man whose heart has been broken, main in deep thoughts

You met a great girl and a godsent. She has made life more meaningful to you by just existing in your life.

She loved and cherished you with all her heart. Even your friends noticed because they saw happiness all over you all the time. It was obvious that her love for you was more than anyone could comprehend.

And yet none of her love and care was enough for you. You still managed to find it in your heart to abandon her. To walk away from everything she was willing to add to your life. Even though she was practically ready to give everything, it still wasn't enough for you.

You shattered her heart into pieces. Even though you are the one who walked away, you are the one who is going to be heartbroken at the end.

You might be the one who called it a quit; it doesn't matter. One day, you are going to realize that she was everything you would ever dream of as a partner and the only girl you could think of getting married to.

One day you are going to realize that her memory still lives and breeds within you. The memories are just too good to fade, unfortunately, you realised this late.

You could call her name when you are with another girl, and you are going to be kicking yourself time after time for letting her go. Most times, you might have thought that leaving her was the best idea. You might have believed that abandoning the woman who was ready to lay down everything for you was of your best interest.

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But now, you understand that you made a mistake. You soon realise that it was not one of your wisest thinking. It is probably the dumbest moves you have ever made. You now understand how good she had always been to you.

You will remember that you chose to let go and throw all that away. You let her slip right through your arms, and there is no possible way for you to get her back into your miserable life. It is too late for you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

She has already moved on, but there you are wallowing in pains and regrets. Time does not heal everything. She was your soulmate, if not for your reckless acts, the two of you would be living happily by now. All is lost, you just have to move on.

Your pain comes thick and fast and will stay with you for a very long time. You didn't pay much attention to how much you were hurting the girl that saw you as her whole world, how many sleepless nights you gave her. You thought your decisions were all that mattered and is the best for you.

You are going to realize what sort of joy and rest of mind she gave you and what you chose to leave behind.

She was a girl who always made sure you had a shoulder to lean on when you were not secure. She was the one who provided you with strength whenever you were weak. She gave you clear vision in the midst of illusions. She was the woman who loved you more than anything else. To her, you were the best thing in the world.

Now imagine the pain she felt when the best thing in her life abandoned her. It took her years to move on because she lost the whole strength to do so. And now she is happy with someone else. She is better off without you. But you, on the other hand, have to leave with regret knowing that you walked away from all that treasure.

Have you ever wondered whether someone is thinking about you? You find yourself thinking about someone else because they are essential to you.

But the question is, do they think about you too?