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The power of trust, truth, obedience and submission

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday

Freelance sports writer with great passion for football, Academic content writer and Lifestyle Blogger

A healthy relationship with between partners

Almost all relationships/marriages in this new generation have been shattered because of lack of trust, truth, obedient and submission between partners. There have been millions of divorce around the globe in our so-called new generation unlike the days of old when you could see couples (between the age 70s) living together happily and in harmony.

There is a need to know more about the effects of these criteria in every relationships/marriage.


Imagine being in a relationship instead of focusing attention on how to build your love life with your partner; you channel all your strength in monitoring your partner. Every time he or she is on call, you want to know who he/she is speaking with on the phone.

Whenever he/she is asleep, you would go through his or her phone to check messages and chats. If you trust your partner, you will not have to go the extra mile to monitor every of his/her activities. Your main concern is supposed to be making your relationship/marriage reliable by building trust between each other.

You should not be the type that your fellow girls or guys will come and talk to about your partner in a negative way, and you won't be bold enough to defend your partner. You should be able to tell them to mind their business and leave your relationship/marriage alone.

Remember, one of the beauties of love is trust, and you have to make it the foundation of your relationship/marriage. Are you the type that your partner doesn't trust? If yes, then is your duty to make him/her trust you and that has to start from you trusting your partner.


One of the criteria for building a healthy relationship or marriage is by being truthful and straight forward. Always be the type that when you say something is white, it is indeed white, if you say it is black, it will always remain black. Do not ever lie to your partner, it might help you at some point, but the question is what if one day he/she finds out you lied to him/her, is he/she going to stay in such relationship built with lies? I don't think so.

And even if he/she does, have you asked yourself if he/she will ever believe in anything you will say to him/her. Also, when you tell your partner that you love him/her and you will do anything to stay with him/her, nothing will make your partner believe you.

Imagine being a guy and I want to talk to a girl I truly love for the first time, instead of telling her the truth about me and my occupation I pretend to be a CEO of a company which I have never been. If fortunately, she agrees to be in a relationship with me, then one day, she finds out I am just an ordinary writer; all the things I claimed to be would all be lies. Do you think she will stay back? She will never do that, and even she does stay, there will not be any trust in our relationship. There is nothing like being honest in a relationship/marriage, try to be who you are and always try to call a spade a spade, don't change it to an arrow or anything else.

Obedience and submission

The road to disobedience and arrogance always leads to quarrel, hatred, disunity, and a home with no harmony. Every woman should ever be obedient and submissive to their partner; the same applies to men too. Don't be the type that will want to argue till eternity. You might want to argue with him/her to a particular limit to make him/her see reasons but never exceed the specified limit you are meant to pause.

Make him/her see you as a supporter by being kind, humble, and caring to your partner, not troublesome and arrogant. Whenever he/she does something terrible to you, try to settle it romantically, let it not be in the form of argument or quarrel, if it is in a public place allow it lay low until when you reach home.

In men and women, an obedient person is always regarded as a treasure. They will always cherish you and will ever long to be with you forever.

To build a strong relationship or home (marriage), you need to have all these qualities and never throw any of them away.

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