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Couples: Any benefit of sleeping in the same room?

A couple living in the same and sharing one bed
Ernest Sunday

Many couples have complained of disturbances they are getting from their partners because they are sleeping in the same room. But some have always cherished living with their partner. Let us take a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages.


Ability to settle a dispute

Couples who live together in a room always have a strong connection as they share the same bed. If these couples are unfortunately having a dispute, knowing they sleep on the same bed will make them uncomfortable as they are used to having a good conversation every night before having such disagreement.

Imagine when you are used to sleeping in the same bed with your husband or wife, and his/her company always keeps you going, you see him/her as your pillar, he gives you advise on a different area.

Then one day, a little misunderstanding comes up one morning before living for work. Then there comes the night when you all are back, and you are going to lay with him/her on the same bed, no conversation, no laugh, just a silent night.

Are you not going to find a way to bring your comfortability and happiness back? Surely you will.

Knowing your partner

Many have broken up from their marriages finding out they don't know the man/ woman they have been living with over so many years and that is because they have been living in a separate room under one roof for years.

I have seen many couples complaining of not knowing who the man/woman they are living with over the years is, and that is because they are always far from each other. If your partner is in a separate room with you, how sure are you that he/she is not calling or chatting another person?

Let me put it this way. How are you sure he/she is not flirting with another person online? Where he/she suppose to be with you in the same room enjoying your marriage.

You also need to know the character of your partner very well, the things he/she likes and the things he/she don't like. You have to know if he is the type that is always quiet when something is bothering him/her. All these you can archive better only by staying in the same room with him.

Checking on your partner

Am going to be talking based on health, I have heard lots of stories about people that died at night on their bed all because he/she is alone in a room and no one to check on him/her.

Imagine if you are alone in your room, how will you be able to know when your partner's health condition has changed in the night? If he is dying of high fever, how will you know? That is why you are to be close to him or her every night.


Lack of privacy

People like me that always like a quiet place is going to suffer this. I wonder how I will tell my lovely wife when I marry to keep quiet when she is playing with me to make me happy.

Every human being needs privacy; there is a time you need quiet time, and you will like to stay alone in your room and think about your life, business or work.

But all these cannot happen when you have your partner talking with you every time. Imagine you left an amount of money in your wardrobe just for you to come back and your partner has collected it without knowing you kept it for an urgent project, it is a disaster.

Also, some men/women use to work at home in the night or during the weekend. What if you want to work and your partner wants to have some good time with you, how will you meet up with your work?

You are going to lag. Had it been you are in your room, he/she will meet you when you are working and know that you are busy. Another thing is what if your partner is the one that is always snoring, how will you cope with it?

Lack of family planning

Couples staying together is always good and fun. You choose to have sex all the time as a couple but where the problem starts is when you want to go into family planning.

Usually, you will decide to do that, but you cannot cheat nature, it will be a great challenge to choose not to have sex while you sleep together with your partner on the same bed. You will end up having lots of children, and you might have enough income to train the children.

With these points, is it okay for partners to live in the same room or live in a different room? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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