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Heatwave sex position - The latest trend for couples

Animated image of heatwave sex position
Franklin Izuchukwu

With many couples cooped up indoors, lockdown offers the perfect opportunity to get creative in the bedroom, bathroom and beyond.

And for those feeling a bit hot under the collar, the heatwave sex position is the perfect way to satisfy your urges.

The position promises to help women reach orgasm faster while helping you to feel more intimate with your partner.
Begin by setting yourself on the edge of a table or desk and then lean back, placing your hands behind your back to support yourself.

heatwave sex positsion: Lockdown is the perfect time to get creative in the bedroom, bathroom and beyond

 With your partner standing facing you, rest one of your legs on his shoulder and bend your other one slightly which you can lean on his thigh.
As he enters you, he can use his hands to support your bottom during intercourse while helping you to move them up and down.

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