The power of silence

Image of being outspoken vs being silent
Ernest Sunday

Ever heard the saying, "silence is golden"? Oh well, it is indeed but mind you, not in all situations.

The silent treatment is a scenario that plays out among youths, in relationships, and between couples impacting in the life of human both positively and negatively. In many cases, it has caused more harm than good, in another scenario, more good than harm. Now the question is if it is good to keep silent or to keep expressing yourself.

Positive power of silence

Most cases I have seen our youths die all because they ventured into lots of arguments that led to fights, then I ask myself, is it not better to keep quiet and avoid such harmful incidents?

One day I was walking down my street, I met two guys arguing about #200 change, people were advising them to forget about the money change, I had to stand and watch them argue, as people passed they gave them the same advice to forget about the money.

Still, none of them listened, they quarrelled for more than 30 minutes that it led to a brutal fight. Unfortunately to one of them, he was struck on the head with a broken bottle, we rushed him to a nearby hospital, but it was too late that he passed away.

I was in shock throughout that day thinking, what if he had listened to those people passing? What if he kept quiet instead of arguing? Then I realised how important it is sometimes to keep silent sometimes.

Many families around the globe have divorced because of argument; you could see where a couple will engage in a debate over an issue which can quickly be settled when one of them keeps quiet. But because of stubbornness and pride to admit to an error, they will keep on arguing till it gets out of hands, the next you will see is filling with divorce.

But my question to couples is why not keep quiet even when you know you are not the one at fault to avoid breaking your family with divorce? You don't think about your children having their parents in separate places. If your parents had done the same to you, how would cope with such a situation? Now you turn to do it to your children, making yourself the worst daddy or mum in the world. Why not keep silent and let peace reign?

The negative power of silence

Over the years, I have been a victim of losing opportunities just because I could not speak out or express myself. It happened so often that I had to take my corrections and start to talk than being silent. Many have fallen the victims of such things too.

For you to survive and be successful in life, you have to be outspoken, express yourself always. The worst thing you will to both yourself and your family is being poor. If you do not speak up, you will keep on missing opportunities every time. Silence leads to poverty; that is why we define being poor as "passing over opportunities repeatedly".

Imagine when you as a human, have this passion for designing that you will do anything to learn it. Then, fortunately, you come across your old friend who is successfully earning income from designing, but because you are not outspoken, you cease to tell him about learning the designing work you have been dying for to know.

Then one day you decide to go to his house to tell him about it, and all you could hear is that he has travelled to an outside country. Then you will realise how your silent has made you pass over an opportunity without grabbing such a golden opportunity to become successful.

Most people in a relationship have been hurt in different areas just because they kept their suffering to themselves and chooses not to tell anyone. You will be in a relationship where your partner always displays action or actions that you don't like, and it is hurting you. Still, you cannot walk up to him/her to talk about his/her actions, but you keep on dying inside all because you want to keep your relationship.

Now, which is the best, being silence each time or being outspoken? Some occasions you might talk, and it will create a problem for you while some circumstances if you do not speak, you end up losing an opportunity and end up being miserable. Tell us which one you think is the best to do in the comment box below.

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