The secret of a real man: Who is a real man? What makes real men successful?

A real man taking steps to a new project
Ernest Sunday

As young males are growing up to adults, they always quote themselves as being men without knowing that there are criteria that it takes to be a real man. Every successful man has a secret to his success, and that makes him reach greatness. Let's look at some of the criteria and secrets.

Understanding the need for support and humility

Growing up as youths, we always think of life as an easy road, very easy to achieve greatness, become famous and all that. But we don't understand the need for guidance and support to reach such mile. Every youth has to be guided on the part to follow to become a real man, and once you don't understand the need for this support, it will always hunt you as grow older.

Every man needs guidance and support either from his family or mentor to become successful. You can never understand nature until you start asking questions, then the answers from your questions are what will always guide you. You have to be humble enough to get all these answers you need for your growth as a real man.

One day I walked up to my rich brother in anger over an issue to tell him that I do not need the support of either him or that of my parents to be successful, all I could think of then was playing football and breaking into a big club. All these were in my mind, but I never asked myself how to get the support I need to break into a football team.

One day, I realized I needed that support from both my parents and my rich brother and for me to get all that I have to become humble and started listening to what they have to say. The support I got helped me growing and turning me into something meaningful.

Use of opportunity wisely

Sometimes human beings don't always understand the need for making perfect use of their opportunities. Many have lost their way to greatness because they never utilized their chance when it came up.

A man once told me a story about how he started his early life in business; he said everything was moving smooth and gradually. One day the young man bought fifty cartons of goods at a cheap price, a week later the cost of the goods raised at a higher amount, there was a lot of money from his sales that year.

Being a young man with no guidance, he focused on enjoying himself instead of investing more in his business. Then, there came a day when his business went down. He tried all his best to go back to his former status, but it never happened.

As he grew older, he was pushed by his parents to get married, but he had no money, his brothers were the ones to sponsor his wedding ceremony. He felt very terrible because he missed his opportunity to become successful.

A real man always tries to understand when an opportunity comes up whether in business or workplace and try to grab the opportunity as fast as possible. He strives to reach a grand climax with any chance he gets, working day and night relentlessly.

He always tries to achieve greater height with opportunities he has at hand, even when meeting up his objective with opportunity in his hand, he pushes more to get another level.

Making good use of time

A real man does not waste his time on unnecessary and unimportant things; he dedicates much of his time to attend to his essential daily activities. He always set his time table to meet up his projects. As they used to say there is time for everything, he always knows the time to work and time to play. He knows the time to go for an opportunity and the time to back down on a project that does not worth it.


A real man is good in taking risks, continues trial and error method to achieve something meaningful because he has that believe of achieving greatness. Unlike other people, he does not fear to take a risk.

Spending wisely

A real man spends wisely and doesn't put his income or money in an unimportant project; he spends his money when he thinks it is necessary to do so; he doesn't spend extravagantly. He only spends on the things that will yield something meaningful.

Family planning

A real man plans well about his family, making sure his children get every necessary support and guidance they need as a child to grow. He provides foods and comfortability to his family, making sure his wife does not lack the basic things she needs as a woman. He sets a plan on how to balance spending between his family and business or work to avoid contradiction, and this keeps his family in order.

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