Approved 2020/2021 academic calendar for FCT schools

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday
FCT has released its 2020/2021 academic calendar

Nigeria's federal government has released an approved calendar for the 2020/2021 academic session for schools in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The list comes after a long suspension across the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After some long meetings with different FCT stakeholders concerning a safe re-opening of schools in Nigeria, the academic calendar was approved.

Many stakeholders, including the FCT Education Secretariat, Agencies, Chairmen of Boards, Zonal Officers FCT, FME Inspector Services, and Principals of Secondary Schools FCT approved the calendar.

The stakeholders are all Headteachers of FCT primary schools, FCT LEA secretaries, Director Administration and Finance FCT Edu. Secretariat, Provost, College of Education and others.

The approved 2020/2021 academic calendar for schools in FCT Abuja



First Term

Sunday 11/10/2020

Friday 18/12/2020


Sunday 19/12/2020

Second Term

Sunday 03/01/2021

Wednesday 31/03/2021


Sunday 04/04/2021

Sunday 24/04/2021

Third Term

Sunday 25/04/2021

Saturday 24/07/2021


Sunday 25/07/2021

Sunday 04/09/2021

Notes for all schools in FCT, Abuja

  1. Al COVID-19 protocols should be properly observed.
  2. All National Public Holidays are o be observed.
  3. All boarding schools are to resume on Sundays.
  4. Any schools that have a genuine reason to close earlier than the stipulated dates in the school calendar should seek approval from Education Secretariat through the Department of Quality Assurance (DQA) one month before the desired date.
  5. All approved private schools in FCT are to comply with the calendar.