Top 10 business online courses to learn and boost your sales

Ernest Sunday

Are you a business person looking for a better way to increase your sales? This article is for you; grab these top 10 business courses to build your enterprise

Complete list of  top business courses to learn and grow your firm

The nucleus of every business is sales, and that is why everybody wants to get the highest deals in their firm, from having a vast number of customers to having genuine ones.

Online business has taken over from the popularly known traditional markets, securing the best deals and creating many avenues for high sales.

Many big companies started from scratch to become one of the most popular platforms globally through online business.

Their great success was achievable due to the high sales and strategies they put in place to ensure their businesses were moving in the right direction.

For example, the Amazon company started an online business in 1994 and today has become one of the best firms globally due to its outstanding sales and effort to make sure it is what it is today.

You could also turn your local business around into a renowned company like Amazon or Microsoft. Are you having a hard time growing your business in the way you want it to be? You do not have to worry. There is a solution to it.

With some special online business courses, you can take your business or businesses to a higher level, earn an increased number of sales with mouth-watering profits.

Read through our list of top online business courses to learn and earn yourself the best clients/customers that will grow your business beyond your expectation.

Below are the top ten online business courses to learn, boost your sales and earn convincing profits.

1.0 Fundamentals of finance and accounting for Non-financial managers

The basic of every business is finance, which drives your investments and profits. To establish or grow your firm, you need the best financial knowledge and idea.

If you are a Non-financial manager, it is time to become one and grow your business or business team. Good managerial skills are what drive outstanding business growth.

The Fundamentals of finance and accounting for Non-financial managers, written by the American Management Association, will help you acquire some tremendous financial skills in handling your business, learn to think finance and expand your business opportunities.

If you are an employee in a company, this online business course will help you demonstrate your value and an outstanding investment return to your boss.

With the fundamentals of finance and accounting for Non-financial managers, you will learn:

  • How to interpret and respond rightly to financial data
  • To communicate your contribution to your team or enhance an excellent idea in your business.
  • Find a solution to your unprofitability.
  • Learn how to make the right call that will be profitable to your company

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2.0 Idea Validation: From idea to paying customer in one day

Have you had challenges in your business that might have led to its downfall or, even worst, closing the entire thing? It is time to validate the ideas that led to your downfall.

It is also a moment to change the wrong decisions you made developing your products and embrace a new idea that will lead to the successful growth of your business.

Are you planning to start a business? This one is for you, and it will go a long way in making you a successful business person with valuable business ideas.

With Udemy's Idea Validation: From idea to paying customer in one day, you will learn how to:

  • Develop your product and idea hypotheses.
  • Run qualitative feedback trials
  • Get your first product sale without even building it.
  • Know your competitors better
  • It will help you know how to use some of the best tools in building a great firm.

The Idea Validation course is eight hours of proven procedures driven by the top business owners in teaching their secrets of success in the field.

3.0 Customer Service: Soft skills fundamentals

Even though it is said that good products bring a high number of sales, you should also know that a product without good customer service lacks many ingredients.

You must learn how to render quality service to your customer to drive increased sales and profit in your business. The customer service skill is a course provided by the online learning platform Udemy.

It is also found on the online learning platform Coursera. Under this course, you will learn to develop the soft skills you need to succeed when facing clients in your business.

These soft skills include:

  • Learn appropriate behaviour when facing your customers, such as patience, curiosity, and willingness to help.
  • Problem-solving to research an issue and help determine an appropriate resolution
  • You must ensure that proper flow and Service Level Agreements are met with your clients.

4.0 Communication skills

To strike great deals with business partners, you need excellent communication skills. In this online business course, you will learn many vital means of communication that will help you earn some mighty contracts for your company.

These include writing emails, speaking at meetings and interviews, giving presentations, and networking online.

Apart from communicating with your customers or clients, it is also important to have good communication skills within your team.

With strong communication, you will pass accurate ideas and information on how projects should be done or even share your contribution correctly with your team.

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5.0 Branding

Good business branding helps you gain more attention and call the audience's interest. With outstanding branding, you can move mountains, receiving clients from left and right.

Good branding connects you highly with the audience and brings long-term relationships that will take you a long way in your business. To improve your business performance, you need a branding experience.

In this course, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to build a strategic brand from scratch, including:

  • The common mistake that business owners and startups make in branding
  • How you can spark the interest of your audience and retain their attention
  • Why do most businesses lose money through Facebook or Google Ad campaigns?
  • A way to position your brand to stand out perfectly
  • How to make your audience feel something special for your brand
  • Develop a strong brand voice for accessible content and social media marketing.
  • Enhance your marketing effort through storytelling.

6.0 Product management

In modern business, a product manager is one of the primary positions in any company. You could become one or employ one to take your business to a greater height.

For your business to be effective, you need to understand your role as a product manager clearly. Even when you employ one, you need to loudly state their role in your firm for effective product development in your company.

In the quest of becoming a product manager or employing one for your company, you will learn more about the role of a product manager in business, such as:

  • Understand a typical product development life cycle and select the right development methodology for a product and a target market.
  • You will learn the phases of product development and the roles that product managers play in each step to solve those discovered challenges.
  • The variety of team structures and the importance of establishing a team charter
  • Understand how innovative product teams are organized and managed.
  • Examine how to develop customers, solve customer problems, segment markets, and expand your market.
  • Explore marketing challenges, common marketing mistakes, knowing your customer, and rethinking the product, price, place and promotion.

7.0 Design

Graphic design is an important course that contributes hugely to business growth. In modern business today, designing is one of the successful enterprises' core tools.

An outstanding graphic design will help you create logos, significant event announcements, or a beautiful background for your company website.

There are many online learning platforms to learn graphic designing, such as Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy and others.

In graphic design learning, you will:

  • Have a deep understanding of typography, colour theory, photos, layout, blocking and other design theories and skills.
  • Understand solid logo design and ad design principles to create compelling campaigns and logos.
  • How to create editorial spreads and magazine layouts using Adobe InDesign
  • Learn word mapping and brainstorming techniques to increase your creativity in logo design and branding projects.
  • Learn how to give and receive critiques and feedback on your design.

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8.0 Digital marketing

We talked about how good branding is in increasing company sales. Though branding can go a long way, you need a digital marketing strategy to make it more enthusiastic.

With digital marketing, you can get your product competing at the top. Digital marketing programmes are strategic marketing concepts and tools that address brand communication in the digital world.

With the knowledge of digital marketing, you will understand the bases of the new digital marketing landscape and gain a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help you create, distribute and promote your products.

In digital marketing, you learn many topics such as:

  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • 3D Printing

9.0 Sales training: Build your sales career

Sales training is another business course that is very important in every company. Without successful sales, your company will collapse no matter how much you invest.

Sales training will give you a valuable view of your sales career. It will provide you with the basic knowledge required to succeed in sales.

You will learn how to align your marketing strategy with your business goals. Also, you will be able to differentiate between passive buyers and active buyers and how to build a great relationship with them and gain their attention.

10.0 The art of sales: Mastering the selling process specialisation

Though you make a good number of sales in your business, you can make it even better by multiplying what you already gain.

Mastering selling specialisation will help you gain more lucrative deals and achieve higher sales. It is designed to make you more productive and experienced in pursuing your sales goals.

You will learn how to attract customers and build strong support among the teams in your company. Also, learn more about effective communication by mastering the selling process specialisation.