Second grader tests positive after first day of school in Georgia

School reopening poses Coronavirus risk for school children even as a second grader tests positive in Georgia
Emeh Joy

A second grader in a Cherokee County School in Georgia reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the first day of school.

The Sixes Elementary in the school commenced in-person classes on Monday. But on Tuesday, one of the classrooms was temporarily closed for deep cleaning with a teacher, and 20 other students asked to quarantine for two weeks after the second grader tested positive.

Parents, authorities and officials have argued whether it is safe to have students go back to classrooms as cases of coronavirus surge across the country.

The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr Anthony Fauci, had emphasised that schools ought to incorporate safety in their reopening plans. Health experts, on the other hand, are investigating how children spread the virus.

Cherokee County recommends but does not require that school children wear masks in school whenever social distancing is not possible. This is according to the school district's reopening plan.

The district would only require that students wear masks if a statewide mandate was put in place for that.

There has been an outbreak of cases connected to schools in Georgia even as some schools choose all-remote learning for the start of the year.

Earlier during the week, about 260 employers were reported to have either tested positive or been exposed in Georgia's largest school district, Gwinnett County Public Schools.

GCPS spokeswoman, Sloan Roach who spoke to CNN said, "As of last Thursday, we had approximately 260 employees who had been excluded from work due to a positive case or contact with a case.

"This number is fluid as we continue to have new reports and others who are returning to work."

The district is set to commence online remote learning August 12.

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