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The world's biggest secrets of all time

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Emeh Joy

Who else loves the suspense and the thrilling sensation you get when you are about to uncover a secret that has been hidden for years? Oh well, especially when the secret is one that won't hurt you.

Most of us keep secrets we are likely to take to the grave with us because revealing them may cause more harm; however, we all still want to know other people's secrets.

Discover here, some mysteries and secrets that have been living with us for ages past.

The Coca Cola formula

The Coca-Cola drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola company

Coca Cola has been rated the world's number one soft drink. You want to know why? Because they have made their drink ingredient formulae not just a secret but a mystery. Coca-cola formula has remained one of the most highly guarded top secrets in the world.

The company upheld this secret that it had to cancel its operation in India because it was being compelled by the government to relinquish its ingredient formulae.

In fact, only two coca-cola employees are allowed to know the secret of the formulae at a time. These employees have to be top company executives and will have to swear an oath to keep the formulae secret by all means.

KFC meal and its recipe

KFC meal pack

Have you tested the famous Chicken Dish from KFC and tried recreating that in your home? You will fail woefully. KFC has done well to keep their recipe secret.

The multinational restaurant, which was established by Herland Sanders in 1930, started as a small business and has today expanded to different regions of the world. The secret is well guarded in the headquarter of the company, and they don't intend to reveal it any time soon.

Adolf Hitler's secret

German politician and leader of Nazi party, Adolf Hitler

It is widely known that Adolph Hitler committed suicide in an underground bunker. History reported that this incident happened on the 30th of April 1945 but is this report really true? You will ask this same question if you are provided with the evidence that says otherwise.

The FBI did have some documents that disclosed that the government had information about Hitler being alive after World War II. It seems there were no options left for Hitler, so; he had to flee from Germany for his survival. FBI has surprisingly kept this information secret.

The unfinished pyramid of Zawiyet el-Aryan, Egypt

The unfinished pyramid of Zawiyet el-Aryan, Egypt

This pyramid has been out of bounds to tourists for many years. It has the structure of a hallway that is 75-feet deep and was cut out of solid limestone bedrock.

Scientists are still in awe of how the ancient Egyptians were able to come up with such smooth walls without modern technologies in place.

The pyramid is believed to be the base of a pharaoh tomb. The sizes of the hallway are much bigger than any known pyramid. Also, there are no oval tombs in Egypt. The granite stones on the floor weigh much as well.

The pyramid is simply nothing like any other in Egpyt, and its construction remains a wonder.

Taos Hum

The town of Taos in New Mexico

In the town of Taos, New Mexico, residents could hear a low-frequency noise which cannot be explained.

The hum sounds like heavy vehicles moving through an arterial road; however, there are no big roads near this town. The origin of the sound cannot be explained.

Mount Rushmore secret

The famous mount Rushmore

When this famous monument was being constructed, architect Gutzon Borglum suggested creating a Hall of Chronicles within the cliff face. He did this by excavating a cave just behind the head of Abraham Lincoln.

In 1998, not less than 50 years after his death, copies of memoirs and other vital documents about different presidents were placed in the uncompleted hall (which presently serves as a time capsule).

No one can tell for sure how the gave has been used. Some believe there were some secret laboratories embedded therein. Who can tell?

Vatican Secret Archives

The Vatican City Archives

This is another of the world's greatest secrets protected by the Catholic Church. The Vatican Secret Archives is the central repository of the Holy See and is found in the Vatican City. It is regarded as one of the most significant historical research centres in the world with the shelves about 50 km in length.

The archives are said to consist of up to 150,000 documents which cover as much as eight hundred years of history. These archives are well-guided with much secrecy, and extreme measures are taken to supervise the documents.

This has made many people believe that the archives conceal not just simple records or historical documents but also valuable information and many great conspiracy theories.

Vatican Secret Archives

One World Government: Who are the New World Order?

This makes it to the top list of the greatest secrets of the world. Even though it is a high-profile secret, it is also a conspiracy theory. The New World Order is a theory that affirms that there exist powerful elites that conspire to rule the world through one-world government (totalitarian government).

Also, it believed that almost all events which are regarded as significant in the world today are connected and controlled by these elites.

There have also been many theories about who these elites are but mostly the theory point towards these groups- the Illuminati, the great capitalist elite, politicians, top world government, the catholic church and even aliens.

How is this possible? The New World Order, its members, how it will come to remain one of the greatest secrets of the world.

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