Actor Gideon Okeke speaks on "Nollywood's slave-like work condition."

Deborah Dan-Awoh

Okeke says that actors are paid peanuts despite working hard in the industry.

Gideon Okeke is a Nigerian actor

Days after making the headlines for his serial posts on poor remuneration in the Nollywood industry, actor Gideon Okeke has finally opened the lead on the can of worms in Nollywood.

In a chat with reality TV star and host of Rubbin Minds, Ebuka Uchendu, Gideon Okeke made some revelations about Nollywood.

According to the star actor Gideon,  for many years, Nollywood actors have experienced and struggled with financial constraints due to the regulations in the film industry that encourage exploitation.

Okeke, who stirred controversy for sharing his nonconformist viewpoints based on the industry, said that he hoped to play it big in the Nollywood industry, but " my shoes hurt," Okeke said, referring to the harsh working conditions.

The actor further spoke of actors made to sign contracts forfeiting future payment for the use of their 'likeness' and 'image.'

Okeke added that there was no profit-sharing in Nollywood, and most actors are fed with food "under N1000 per head."

He also stated that there were viable holes in the structure of Nollywood's legal feature that suits the pockets of executive producers.

Gideon Okeke and Fabian Adibe

Actor Okeke's post follows after a viral video of Nollywood veteran Fabian Adibe made headlines. The visually impaired actor claimed exploitation from Nollywood producers chased him from the industry.

In the now-viral video, Adibe revealed he has not actively worked since turning down an Onitsha producer's proposition to work on free scripts.

In the wake of these conversations about the poor working conditions in Nollywood, actor Gideon Okeke says he speaks based on his personal experiences and not for other colleagues in the profession.

Gideon Okeke is not just an actor; he is a model and TV Presenter.

The Nollywood star actor first appeared in 2006 as a contestant on the first edition of Big Brother Nigeria. By  2008, Gideon joined the cast of MNET TV series Tinsel as Phillip Ade Williams, the arrogant son of a media mogul. Okeke remains one of the longest-serving actors on the show.

After a while Gideon made his lead role debut in the Nigerian drama film Relentless in 2010, starring alongside Jimmy Jean-Louis and Nneka Egbuna.

His second lead role was in the 2014 crime thriller A Place in the Stars. That same year, he played the role of Tobena, the love interest of the lead character in the romantic comedy When Love Happens. 

Gideon's other films credits include the caper crime comedy Gbomo Gbomo Express and the Ghanaian romantic drama Anniversary.