BBNaija 2020: Should we blame alcohol for Erica's toxic behaviour?

Emeh Joy

Big Brother Naija show came up with an even more exciting gist and content last night. The show last night featured the popular 'love entangled housemate Erica lashing out at a fellow housemate, Laycon, under a 'supposed' influence of alcohol.

Big Brother Naija show came up with an even more exciting gist and content last night. The show last night featured the popular 'love entangled housemate Erica lashing out at a fellow housemate, Laycon, under a 'supposed' influence of alcohol.

Before now, lots of viewers apart from Erica's fans had always tagged her as evil and manipulative, mostly because of the way she handled her friendship issues with Laycon and her relationship with Kiddwaya.

For the sake of the newbies in the show, let's briefly overview Erica's relationship with rapper Laycon and the billionaire's son, Kiddwaya.

The show, which started with 20 housemates, had initially just one major relationship in the house- Lilo and Eric. Unfortunately, this duo where among the first two batches of housemates to get evicted.

During those early days, we could notice Erica and Laycon getting close to each other. Video clips had the two gistings and laughing during their workout sessions, in the garden etc. Within some days, it was obvious the two were in for 'friendship'.

However, within the same period that Erica and Laycon got close, Kiddwaya, "the fine boy with money", also started giving in more interest to Erica.

At a point, it seemed there was a love triangle here- Erica stuck in between Laycon and Kiddwaya. It was apparent that she was stuck and had to make a choice.

In the end, she chose Kiddwaya- a choice many criticised her for, while some others tagged it a wise move. "I am physically attracted to Kiddwaya but mentally attracted to Laycon", Erica had said, but she went ahead to choose her physical attraction over her mental attraction.

Now, go easy on her. Many ladies would do the same, but that isn't even the gist for today. The gist now is that the same Laycon she once saw as a friend has now turned into her enemy.

After the usual Saturday night's party, Erica had lashed out at Laycon, calling him names for saying that she (Erica) tried kissing him on different occasions. Many viewers took to their social media pages to condemn her actions, while some tried defending her by saying she was drunk.

Here is the highlight of the things Erica said that had her trending on social media platforms on a Sunday morning:

  • She body-shamed Laycon calling him "skinny", "ugly", and "chicken drumstick".
  • She said Laycon wouldn't be trending if not for her and that Laycon has nothing to offer to the house.
  • She said Laycon would kill himself.
  • She said she would make sure Laycon suffers in this life.
  • She said he would kill him outside the house.

What did Laycon do to Erica?

This question is worth asking. What has Laycon done to deserve such vile treatment from someone who was once a friend?

Have you ever heard of love turning into hatred? Perhaps that is what is playing out here. These two started with friendship. Laycon wanted more. He fell in love, but Erica was having none of that. She rejected his love.

Erica chose to be with Kiddwaya, and that indeed broke Laycon. Some viewers saw Erica as manipulative because even when it was clear that she had chosen Kiddwaya, she wouldn't let Laycon be. She was still hanging around him.

Laycon, too found it difficult to let go of her. Some viewers thought that he was obsessed with her. Finally, at a point when it seemed he was getting over her, he still couldn't seem to stop talking about her to other housemates.

It got to the point that even during his sessions with Big Brother, Laycon would still find a way of bringing in Erica issues, and it seemed to have gotten to Erica hence, her lash out at him on Saturday.

However, some fans believed that the actual reason why Erica was pissed was that "her man" Kiddwaya was dancing and flirting with Nengi, another female housemate, during the party.

A Twitter user, @ChinecheremPri2, also said that was the reason for Erica's outrage and wrote, "This was Erica's anger tonight. She feels so insecure then she decided to transfer aggression to Laycon.

"Can someone tell this girl to calm down? Girls are supposed to be chased, not the other way round. She is such an insecure brat, especially with Nengi, SMH".

A video clip of Erica pushing Nengi away from Kiddwaya during tthe Saturday night party.

Erica has displayed several behaviours that paint the picture of an insecure lady trying to secure what isn't even hers yet. She even confronted a former housemate, Wathoni, asserting that she (Wathoni) has issues with her because of Kiddwaya.

Just so you know, her relationship with Kiddwaya isn't even defined yet. The two have been going round and round in circles, saying they are only having fun and don't have love feelings for each other.

Kiddwaya, at some point, even made it clear to Eria that it's very risky to love a guy like him, apparently warning her to desist from falling in love with him.

Viewers reactions to Erica's threats and action towards Laycon

Erica lost some of the fans who loved her with her behaviour last night. Many say that as a confirmation of her manipulative attitude, while some tagged her as vile.

Some viewers had taken to their social media accounts to urge the host of the show, Ebuka, who the housemates refer to as 'Big Brother', to evict Erica because she threatened a fellow housemate.

Laycon's fans had also used the opportunity to advocate, campaign and promote their favourite housemate, calling for more votes. Some applauded Laycon for his patience and for not lashing back at Erica.

Now, what do you, the reader think? Should Erica's action be excused because she took a lot of alcohol was believed to be under the influence of alcohol? Do you support those that say she should be evicted from the show?