BBNaija 2021: Cross' biography and life

Ernest Sunday

Meet the newest BBNaija season 6 ( Sine ya eye) housemate cross. BBNaija's Cross has described himself as more of a lover guy and made it clear that he believe in love.

The complete biography and life of the newest BBNaija housemate Cross

BBNaija season 6 (Shine ya eye) newest housemate Cross has stated that the motto he will be living by in the Big Brother Naija house is love; according to Cross, love is the most important thing to him; he lives by the rule of it.

BBNaija's Cross is the kind of guy that loves making friends and admitted that he would be making friends and probably form clicks in the BBNaija house ( Once you are a lone wolf, you die easily, he said).

Cross also said he would never fight about anyone's opinion in the Big Brother Naija house as he respects everyone's beliefs.

BBNaija 2021 season 6 (Shine ya eye): BBnaija's Cross' biography

Full Name

Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo    




30 years

State of origin

Anambra State



BBNaija's Cross' life and career

BBNaija newest housemate Cross was born and raised in Anambra State in a family of four; he is the first son and the eldest child.

Currently, Big Brother Naija's Cross is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur that is based in Lagos. He has been in his business for many years, which has helped him make so much money.

Cross will be hoping to win the BBNaija season 6 (Sine ya eye) reality show to increase his net worth to a huge one.

BBNaija's Cross' hobbies and dislikes

BBNaija's Cross made it open that he likes making friends around him as he does not like moving alone and believes that communication is the main key to people's success.

Cross is also one of the guys in the Big Brother Naija house who like music a lot; you find him playing music drum most times. According to BBNaija's Cross, he also likes watching movies and travelling.

Regarding BBNaija's Cross dislikes, he has mentioned that he don' like fighting about things such as food, someone believes and most especially women.

BBNaija's Cross is always happy about his personality and is convinced that fans will love him becuase of that

BBNaija's Cross' relationship

BBNaija's Cross made it open that he is currently single when he narrated the story of his heartbreak. According to Cross, there is a woman he dated before that she loved so much.

He went into a relationship with the girl who told him she was not dating anyone; after some couple of months together, the lady came to him and told him that she is in a relationship with someone else.

According to BBNaija's Cross, it was one of his worst experiences, but he had to move on with his life.

Will Cross start a new love chapter with one of his Big Brother Naija housemates? Time will tell. He mentioned that people will love him because of his handsomeness but who will be the lucky one?