BBNaija Day 17: This is how you Win a Task

Franklin Izuchukwu

The Housemates go all out to win the Flutterwave task.

What a show the Housemates put up for us tonight, it is very possible to say that Team Evon definitely stepped up while Team KEBT kept it hot. Let's assess together. 

Team Evon


So after Team Evon got to a slow start, wondering how they will make their advert pop, they came onto the set and showed off what they are made of.

Vee put on a show for the people as she started by telling her audience the problem that needed to be solved- her face was a mess.

Team Evon

This was quickly followed by the rest of the crew coming to her in her sleep, singing her messages that she needed to visit Evon store and get herself some natural products to solve her problems.

Team Evon: Ozo and Vee

Perhaps the part that got you thinking was when Vee was speaking to her friend Ozo.

When she woke up, and he mentions that he bought gifts for Dora, Nengi and Tolanibaj at the same store- and she should try it.

To cut a long story short, the team put together an original jingle and sang the Flutterwave praises as they exited the stage, within their time.

Team Evon

To say that they had levelled up from their previous show is fair. They brought their game faces and showed up shining.



The team started their rehearsal well, needless to say, they were already tired, and so they took a little knock at the beginning. Though this was the case, they put on a stellar performance last night to go and on and win the Task.

The performance began with Kiddwayanarrating the new back story to the advert that was performed prior in the challenge, adding a sad layer to the happy ending.

The crew also had a song at the end to commemorate the advert and sang their way to success.


We are sure that Biggie had a tough challenge ahead of him in picking the winners who got 50 BBNaira each to spend on whatever they want on shopping day. 

A Fine workout

A 'Fine' workout is what you get for being lazy in Biggie's House!

In life, days are never the same, and this could be said too for workouts in the Big Brother Naija House. The daily activity of exercising is a must in the Household and those who chose not to participate faced grim repercussions for their laziness.

The most encouraging Housemate today was Prince. He could be heard leading the session and trying to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their workout. Prince your fanaticism for fitness is fantastic!


His high level of enthusiasm is matched in work ethic by Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya once again gave his all during the session and was sopping wet with sweat by the time it was done.

His work rate was spectacular, and even after workout time was finished, he continued doing push-ups in the House. When it comes to sweat, the kid doesn’t play.


There’s no reason to look bad while getting the body looking good, Tolanibaj took this idea to heart and wore sunglasses throughout her workout. If fashionable fitness ever needed a spokesperson, she would be it!


Some days you’re in the mood to do it, and on others, the mood isn’t there even if you are. The latter was the kind of workout Vee had as she willed herself to fight through the fatigue and embrace fitness.

Even though she yawned quite often, Vee never stopped trying.

BBnaija 2020 Housemates Ozo, vee and another.

A Housemate who didn’t even get a workout in was Brighto. It wasn’t because he was injured like Laycon, but rather because of laziness.

Working out in the Big Brother house is not an option, and Brighto slept through the entire session. His sweet dreams would have been interrupted by Biggie fining him for sleeping through the workout, but he slept through that announcement too.

Let’s hope that Brighto learns from this and participates tomorrow, or waking up is going to become a bad experience for him every day.