Nigerians attack housemates for disgracing Ella on National TV

Nigerians have attacked some of the ex-BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemates for having disgraced their colleague, Ella on the national TV.

Venita and Ella, former BBNaija Housemates

Nigerians have attacked some of Ex-BBNaija' Pepper Dem' housemates for having disgraced their colleague, Ella on the national TV.

Drama on Monday night ensued during the BBNaija Reunion show after the official host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked the housemates to mention who betrayed them the most.

Most of the housemates in attendance on the show; Mercy, Venita, Sir Dee, KimOprah, Diane mentioned Ella.

Venita Akpofure in particular, was specific about the issue as she called Ella out, saying she suspects strongly that she is very deceitful.

"Ella pulled what I will call a publicity stunt; she made every single one of us look bad. I strongly suspect that she is very deceitful, and bipolar possibly" Venita said.

Other housemates also accused Ella of being deceitful because she ignored them after they contributed to her mother's health condition.

BBNaija winner, Mercy Eke during the reunion also asked Ella if she does drug and what exactly she does with her money.

"What do you do with your resources, do you do drugs?"

She went on to reveal why she put Ella up for eviction in the house and slammed her for wanting her man Ike, and also wanting to be close to her.

According to Mercy, "You wanted me, and you wanted my man, it was so obvious, you can't eat your cake and have it, it's either me or Ike."

This brought a lot of drama to the show last night as Ella broke down in tears while explaining that she had a reason for being unavailable to them.

This did not go down well with Nigerians as some took to their Twitter pages attacking Venita and Mercy for bringing such an issue on national Tv to embarrass Ella.

Here are some comments:

"Venita and mercy are both very evil. I wished Tacha won the BBN, even though ELLA was wrong on her part, you can't just humiliate your fellow woman like that on national TV."

"Mercy and Venita are my girls but they f*cked up last night. What happened to be your sister's keeper? Help people because you want to and not because you need their gratitude. This conversation shouldn't have made it to this show at all. Uncalled-for."

"This just reaffirms the fact that begging people for money basically strip you of your freedom of speech and even value. That's why Ella was trampled upon today. Hustle, so your mates won't insult you so blatantly on National TV. So unfortunate."

"So it is ok for Venita to bully and humiliate Ella like that, but the same girl got nuggets for Tacha for hyping herself in the name of "bringing people down". Venita, I hope you never have to watch any of your children humiliated like you did Ella today. You need serious help!'

"Venita and Co thought it was a good thing to use the health of Ella's's mum on National TV to score points, no regard for humanity whatsoever. Cannot imagine how embarrassed and depressed she and her mum would feel tonight."

"Dear Ella, what you owe yourself after this disgraceful night is to pick up the broken pieces of your life, accept your shame, reevaluate your mistakes and decide to deliver a result-oriented life. Tonight will either make or break you forever. Choose wisely."