"Separation isn’t the end of life"-Kaffy announces divorce.

Deborah Dan-Awoh

Kaffy and her husband of 9years have called it quits on their marriage.

Dance Queen Kaffy

In 2021 we saw a geometrical progression of divorce cases in the world of fame and popularity.

However, in 2022 after 9years of marriage and two beautiful children, dance queen, Kaffy and Joseph Ameh a director and drummer are divorced.

Honestly? No one saw this coming.

Kaffy is a Nigerian dancer, choreographer and fitness coach.

The Nigerian choreographer, Kafayat Shafau announced her divorce from husband during one of the episodes of her podcast, JustKaffy.

Speaking about her divorce the dance instructor said;

"I have always wanted to see the best vision of my ex and even taking the chance of breaking this marriage was also to see that we both grew into what we really really are supposed to be,"she said.

Kaffy and her ex husband.

"Marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies driving towards a place God wants for them. And mine really didn't work out that way. And rather than looking at someone as the problem maybe you could be the problem of that person."

The 42 year old dancer also spoke on a failed marriage not being the end of the world and how both parties should not become enemies.

"Separation isn't the end of life for both parties involved. In fact if you both are honest about why you have to go apart, you will realize how much better life can be. Some people make it back, some don’t. What is ultimate is the outcome borne out of love!"she captioned the video.

Kaffy and Joseph Ameh.

“So, there was a lot to learn and there is still a lot more to learn. I want to express that and motivate you to understand that life is not all about reaction to the world; it is not about reacting to what want you to say or what the world wants to hear; what the world wants you to be or what the world wants you to wear; what the world wants you to look like or get married.”


Ever since Kaffy made the announcement, messages have been pouring in for the mother of two.

While some have expressed their shock, others have simply applauded her calm approach to handling the matter of her failed marriage.

Kaffy, her husband and two kids

The pair's initial love story was an unusual one, as Joseph Ameh is eight years younger than Kaffy but the difference on age only deepened their bond.

Kaffy and Joseph Ameh got married on June 2, 2012, in an elaborate wedding in Lagos and have two children together, Eliana and Sean Ameh.


Kaffy’s dance career picked up after she was discovered by someone who spotted her when she used to go to the National Stadium during weekends for dance rehearsals and workouts.

In 2006, Kaffy and her dance group broke the Guinness Book of Record for “Longest Dance Party” after they danced for 55hours and 40minutes.

She is currently a dance instructor who has developed creative and relatable methods for teaching dance and dance fitness which has helped many young women to incorporate dance into their lifestyle.

She has also founded her own dance group, Imagneto dance company.