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Davido and Burna Boy; a match made in Hell

Franklin Izuchukwu
By Franklin Izuchukwu
Nigerian Artists, Davido and Burna Boy.

What really happened between Davido and Burna Boy? Davido and Burna Boy are both music giants in Africa and lead the continent in the Afro-music genre.

Fans of both parties are in awe and wonder why both are still at loggerheads with each other.

The music industry in Nigeria is a very competitive business and trade, but it also has rooms to accommodate many; Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth and can boast of over 200 million citizens.

The stat above shows you there is room for everyone, especially in a country that is diverse both in culture and language; no matter what you sing, there are people who will definitely listen and play your sound.

The beef between Davido and Burna Boy is no longer about fair competition or friendly rivalry in the industry. Some people might say that Davido and Burna Boy are simply trying to carve out a niche for themselves.

Others claim 2 kings cannot co-exist in a kingdom; Davido and Burna Boy are kings in their own stead as facts and multiple billboard statistics have shown, but there is a loophole in that argument or sentences.

Davido and Burna Boy have two distinct sound and their fans love them for this, thus Davido and Burna Boy can actually co-exist and wield a significant influence in the Afro-music world - If they wished.

When celebrities beef, a lot of coordinated events occur; Charts are toppled, stream doubles or triples, fans become more passionate about their artistes, thereby leading to more energetic tours.

Is it then safe to assume that Davido and Burna Boy are intentionally beefing to get more PR or there is something else involved?

Celebrities beef keeps the fire burning, but once this beef takes a more personal and physical turn, there needs to be a re-examination.

Someone once advised that Artiste beef should revolve around music; once the beef is no longer about the money - forget it.

The point is, the beef between Davido and Burna Boy is no longer about money; it is personal.

Let's take time to re-examine the beef between Davido and Burna Boy and see where it falls; to know if the beef between Davido and Burna Boy is truly a match made in hell.

The beef between Davido and Burna Boy did not start today.

Davido and Burna Boy: A Timeline of their beef

Let us examine how the relationship between Davido and Burna boy deteriorated and shattered into fine pieces.

You will be taken from one ladder to the next, showing how two brothers became bitter enemies.

We will try to stick with facts concerning Davido and Burna Boy and at some point use personal intuition to judge.

Prior to the Beef between Davido and Burna Boy

Davido has always referred to Burna Boy as his 'Guy'. During an interview with Big Brother host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Davido hinted that Burna boy is his close friend and pal.

Davido had also claimed he knew Burna Boy before they both became popular.

Davido once recalled an event in 2010; Davido, Dammy Krane and Burna Boy went to Victoria Ireland to meet Tuface, Army officials later arrested them for wearing Camouflage.

The story shows you how close Davido and Burna Boy were prior to fame, wealth and the power that comes with it.

Davido met fame and recognition before Burna Boy thus no one can actually deduce if this beef grew from there.

Recent events may suggest otherwise; in December 2018, Davido appeared in Burna Boy's shows and sang alongside his new enemy, Burna Boy.

Recall that Davido also congratulated Burna Boy when he was Nominated for the Grammy. Davido equally showed he was happy when Burna Boy won the BET award for International Act.

Davido may have congratulated Burna Boy for the Grammy nomination, but further investigation suggests evidence of animosity between Davido and Burna Boy during the Grammy Nomination - though may not be the origin.

The beef between Davido and Burna Boy precedes the Grammy Nomination.

The beef wasn't necessarily about Jealousy but the fact that Davido's signee, Peruzzi was not credited as the author of one the songs in the Africa giant album.

It is alleged that Davido believes that if Burna Boy had credited Peruzzi the songwriter right, Peruzzi would automatically become a Grammy nominee; the same route taken by Wizkid in Drake's 'One Dance.'

If this was the origin of the beef between Davido and Burna Boy then the next question is, is it deep enough to lead to a physical fight?

Let us see how things evolved.

Escalation: Davido's Beef with Burna Boy takes a New Turn

As mentioned earlier, rumours suggest that the origin of Davido and Burna Boy's beef may have been the failure on Burna Boy's part to credit Peruzzi songwriter's right in on the African Giant album.

After a series of research made by Clacified, it is correct to state that the Peruzzi saga with Burna Boy cannot be the origin of the beef between Davido and Burna Boy.

Remember 'The Lion King' - Beyonce's music album? Lion King featured many artists from Nigeria including:

  • Wizkid,
  • Tiwa Savage,
  • Burna Boy,
  • Mr Eazi,
  • Tekno and
  • Yemi Alade

Davido was never part of the Lion King (album) project.

Some of the Artists like Yemi Alade and Mr Eazi were featured in more than one track, but as you could have guessed, Davido was not featured in the Lion King album.

During the famous interview with BBNaija Ebuka, Davido disclosed that some persons unknown planned not to include him in the Lion king project.

Davido revealed that the Producers and some of the artists made sure he wasn't part of the Lion King Album, he didn't specify names.

From the look of things, the Lion King album was brought to Africa and then Nigeria to include the Afrobeats sound but then as Davido alleged, he was bypassed through a powerplay.

Davido revealed to Ebuka that he was hurt and felt bad, claiming he didn't know why he was sabotaged.

The 'Lion King' Allegation from Davido proves the beef between Davido and Burna Boy precedes the Peruzzi saga because Grammy Nomination was announced around November 2019. Still, the Lion King album was released around July 2019.

If the Lion king album was released on July 2019, then the project precedes the submission of songs for Grammy consideration/nomination.

The mystery hovering over the beef between Davido and Burna Boy is when and how it all started; the major factor that leads to unhealthy competition and beef is Jealousy.

A Trio of Beef: Wizkid, Davido and Burn Boy

Every eight-year-old child in Nigeria knows the ancient beef between Nigerian music gods, Davido and Wizkid.

The beef between Davido and Wizkid will be highlighted in another article. Still, we have to delve into Wizkid and Davido to conclude the Davido and Burna Boy saga.

The phrase "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" remains valid in all aspect of life. Wizkid and Davido have always been at war with each other before the unveiling of Burna Boy.

According to Davido, he has always been a close friend of Burna Boy, so what really happened? What could move Burna Boy away from Davido's circle into Wizkid's arm?

While we accept that rivalry and jealousy is a constant factor, we also need to access the reason behind some of the ill-fated comments towards Davido.

Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade are rivals, but there is nothing spectacular about this rivalry because it comes with the territory. Still, rivalary beef takes a new turn when you attack people's families.

What pains Davido is that most common Nigerians do not see him as a regular figure because of his father's wealth.

His fellow artist claim he is not a talented musician and the fact that he is successful in the music industry today is attributed to his father's wealth and power.

Burna Boy believes the reason behind Davido's success is his Dad's bank account.

Burna Boy leads people on that side of the argument, and that's what Davido have to deal with daily.

Davido has been successful in his music career, and I could still remember arguing with friends on this issue. As a Wizkid fan, I will always attack Davido's FC with the phrase "could Davido have made it if his father was not rich?"

No one denies that his father's wealth contributed to his success, but it is gross to attribute all his success and triumph to his Dad's bank account.

History and fact have also proved the case for Davido. Some Nigerians are striving in the music industry today and haven't broken that glass-of-fame till date.

Some of them have billionaire Dads that support their music career 100%, yet none has reached the position currently occupied by the Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid.

Recall that in 2017, Wizkid posted a tweet which many believe was to shade Davido.

Wizkid wrote: "My people make una remember say Yankee passport no be baba blue, e no dey cure frog voice. "

Davido and Wizkid were at loggerheads when he made the post, but that's not the point here, The point is, Wizkid Doesn't believe Davido has a music talent.

It all boils down to the initial argument that Davido's Dad paved the way for him; it also means that Wizkid and Burna Boy has a common hatred for a colleague, Davido.

A colleague they believe is not deserving of his accolades and success.

It is widely believed that the post made by Wizkid was directed at Davido.

When Davido uploaded the photoshopped picture of him and Wizkid, he tagged the post 'The 2 greatest of all time! No cap s'; this action led to the infamous post made by Burna Boy as stated earlier.

In one of his interviews, Davido queried why Burna Boy was angry he posted a picture of him and Wizkid while he (Burna Boy) was in London recording a song with Wizkid.

It was at this point that Davido alleged a gang up against him.


The beef between Davido and Burna Boy has been one-sided for a while now, we have only heard from Davido.

Burna Boy has chosen not to comment on the matter during interviews. The only evidence is cryptic posts made by him, as reported earlier.

Nevertheless, we know something is amiss between Davido and Burna Boy; the duo was allegedly involved in a bar fight as reported by Clacified.

According to Davido, Personal Assistants, managers and their inner circle contribute to the beef. The people staying close to these artists whisper falsehoods and half-truths to their benefactor.

Davido is also known to enjoy the beef and hostilities; one can call him a PR genius.

After the post made by Burna Boy attributing his success to Davido's Dad, Davido posted on his IG story that he plans to go offline for a while. Davido also unfollowed everyone on his IG page even his fiance Chioma Rowland - which made airwaves.

Davido pulled the stunt and returned with the hit single 'FEM' - you can read more about it here.

Davido recently claimed that the song 'way too big' by Burna Boy is his best song and he plays it every day, the statement could be for PR purposes or it could be true.

During one of Davido's interview, he claimed he plans not to engage in any physical fight because of the current beef between him and Burna Boy, citing the fact that he wants to be a good example to his kids.

Notwithstanding, the only underlying and common factor in the beef between Davido and Burna Boy is Jealousy.

It is safe to assume that Davido and Burna Boy are jealous of each other, though they both deny this and appear to have a more genuine reason for this unending beef that allegedly has resulted in a physical fight.

The alleged fight between Davido and Burna Boy proves otherwise.

To prove the point about jealousy, you only need to ask yourself:

  • Did Davido and Burna Boy fight because of PR?
  • Did Davido and Burna Boy fight because of the 'Lion King' album?
  • Did Davido and Burna Boy fight because of the Peruzzi saga?
  • Did Davido and Burna Boy fight because of jealousy?

Jealousy is an emotional force to reckon with, It can lead to many atrocities and shameful events as allegedly seen in Ghana.

Biblically Jealousy begets pride; a sin that flew Lucifer to Hell.

Apparently, the beef between Davido and Burna Boy is a match made in Hell; there may never be a limit or an end to this beef.