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Video: CNN interviews DJ Switch following Lekki Toll Gate shooting

Tochi Juliet
By Tochi Juliet

CNN has not forgotten the ugly event on 20th October 2020 at Lekki Toll Gate, where the Nigerian Army shot at Nigerian youths during the EndSARS protest even as they interviewed DJ Switch.

To get fact correctly, CNN has interviewed one of the core EndSARS protesters, DJ Switch.

DJ Switch allowed the world to know what was happening in Nigeria during the EndSARs protest as she went live on Instagram during the Lekki shooting.

It was one of the bravest thing done by a Nigerian lady during the EndSARS protest. The bullets were flying all around, but DJ Switch never gave up as she wanted the world to know the exact truth about Nigerian situations.

According to DJ Switch, she had to go live during the Lekki #EndSARS shooting because she doesn't want the authorities or some people twisting the story after the incident.

She has reportedly left Nigeria for Canada due to a threat to her life and has been given asylum in Canada as she testifies about the Lekki shooting.

CNN released a documentary yesterday which confirmed that the Nigerian Army shot directly at EndSARS peaceful protesters with live bullets and not expended bullets as the army claimed.

CNN has deemed it fit to grant an interview with DJ Switch after leaving the country for Canada. During the CNN interview with DJ Switch, she was asked to say what happened that night and talk about what she saw.